The return of White Buffalo Calf Woman


There is a prophecy that speaks of the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Many of us, especially the traditionalists of Native American descent, have hoped and waited with anticipation for the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. For those of you who do not know her, the Sacred Pipe, altar of the red race, was given to the Lakota by a sacred emissary of Great Spirit. This was White Buffalo Calf Woman. She came with great gifts of wisdom and knowledge, blessing the people and restoring the natural order of the world and abundance to a tribe afflicted by famine.

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LAUGHTER – real fun ?! :-D

There is something that has made it possible for First Nations [Natives of the USA and Canada, Central and South America] to survive centuries of genocide and joint efforts of the colonizers and their churches to obliterate their customs, languages, spirituality and traditions. Curiously it is not what we would think of, but indeed a normal and daily human activity. Laughter!! 😀 

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The Bat – Totem Animal

The bat symbolizes shamanic initiation. The word shaman is a word coming from the Toungouse language, also called Evenk, a language of Eastern Siberia, which means “one who was twice born”. Indeed, most shamanic initiations reactivate the idea of dying and being reborn, and most of the spiritual traditions include this legend, this myth, the best known being that of the dead and resuscitated Christ.

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