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In these days when spring is shyly starting to be felt I’m writing to give you of my news.

I’m experiencing a serene happiness punctuated with major challenges at Invocation. Serious work to resolve personality conflicts which became inflamed as some members of the team did not use the tools of conflict resolution of that I gave them. Simultaneously major renovations that are very promising, increasing sales and new products on the horizon. Harmonization continues, purification and in spite of the temporary difficulties we have a wonderful team!

I am particularly happy, curiously, as two tours were cancelled in February and then in March. This allowed that I stay quietly home and work daily at Invocation. This allowed more time for my spiritual practice and that fills me with joy.

Soon, we are going to celebrate with aspiring shamanic practitioners of Créons the World in Quebec the spring equinox in the Laurentians. It’s good to know that the equinox changes a little every year: it is sometimes March 20th, 21st or 22nd that the day is perfectly equal to the night. Our traditions are that we try to celebrate the equinox at the full or new moon the closest to the equinox, as the moon is the celestial body which, after the earth, that has most influence on us. With schedules complicated to coordinate this year, we are going to have it from 7 to 9 of April. Follow this link. I shall also give in Laurentians in May a SHAMANIC CONCERT on May 30th and some consultations at the same place.

For my update on electromagnetic pollution and how care for electromagnetic hypersensitivity, after an interesting conference here.

I am soon going to be able to give you excerpts of the book THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE. I’ve arrived at the end of this small book, I now await from some friends a second reading to polish it up. It will be a very interesting book and I think important for our global planetary healing.

Beautiful sunshine this morning. I’m going out to take in the fresh spring energies. More news next week!

Blue Eagle[:]

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Also a number of interesting links this morning: Russia is becoming and natural and ecological country. Eco villages multiply, they are now more than 300 ecovillages of family domains. Some have more than 270 families … Lire la suite


electrosensibilite electromagnetic pollution blue eagles blog aigle bleuWarm greetings in this cold day of February. We have everywhere a winter which reflects the climate change that afflicts a bit more every year populations and the ecology of our planet. It’s important that consciousness increases and that those who understand the stakes and the solutions and who fight to implement them are helped and supported by all of us conscious people. We are approximately 12 % now  ! What is already enormous if we compare to 35 years ago when I began this work. When we reach 17-18 % things will begin to change exponentially. But we’ve got quite a ways to go yet.

My new blog platform is working quite well now. Newletters get to you, comments are displayed after moderation and traffic is back to the number of guests I had before the migration and is increasing. We did not manage to retrieve the comments the task was too enormous and would have cost me thousands of dollars. I’ve articles since 2009, more than 500 and some had more than 20 comments. So, yesterday, we came to the decision to drop them. My apologies to those who wrote, your comments were very precious, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles :)… I’ve also undertaken to translate into English the articles of the past years, I was lazy when it came to translating what I had so much fun writing. I will do some catching up. So you should be getting more articles in the coming months.

Peace and Light