For 35 years I’ve taught First Nations’ spirituality, healing arts and shamanism. 5 years ago I decided to pass on my knowledge as I wanted to stop travelling and dedicate myself to the garden, my family, my music and natural perfumes. The ancestors would not have been happy if I’d not seen to preparing the next generation of wisdom carriers. There are so few of us left. Of the hundred people who started out on the intensive and demanding training over 4 years, 21 were able to go the whole distance and were tested and received their certification of Shamanic Practitioners. They live in Quebec, in France, in Switzerland, in Belgium and one who is now in Martinique. They’ve slowly begun to work offering consultations, conferences, meditations and ceremonies. We are working at setting up a web page for them all. They are all French speaking. Only one has a relative mastery of English.

Thus, I’ve retired from teaching and travelling to now follow my heart’s desires in giving from a stable place my music and natural perfumes. I thus remodeled the blog for a more user friendly access to my work. I’ve a tab for my shamanic perfumes, one for my music and one for my books, two of which have been translated into English and more are on the way. The many articles I’ve written over the years are now easier to find on the Blog tab and I’ve also created a tab for my consultations that I’ll be able to start again. I’ve been on the road and have always considered that if offering healing that is always a process, you need to be available. So I’ve not been available for consultations. Now I will be, either online or in our offices in Wendake First Nations close to Quebec City. Also check out on the Health tab the ASEA products. I am convinced, if you can afford it, that ASEA is the best single investment you could possibly do for your long-term health. Plus, it can offer the enthusiastic and perseverant networker a very nice income.

I hope you have fun discovering all this. I wish you a lot of happiness with your family and friends in this beautiful summer. May your gardens prosper and your heart be filled with joy and peace.

With love,

Blue Eagle


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