ASEA, RENU28 and the Science of Redox Signaling Molecules


Redox is a term that comes from electrochemistry and has to do with the transfer of electrons between atoms.

Redox Signalling exploded into the scientific community in 1998 when 3 researchers received the Nobel Prize in medicine for realizing that a redox molecule … one that had been dismissed for decades as insignificant, played an extraordinary role in communicating vital health messages throughout the body.

This initiated a worldwide expansion in Redox Signalling research with publications in international journals, graduate level textbooks and even universities opening up entire departments dedicated to Redox Biology. There have now been over 65 000 articles published on this subject.

Why is it that with all this important research no one knows about Redox Signalling? Why is it not being talked about on the 24/7 news stations? The reason is that the scientific community still believes that it’s impossible to produce balanced stable Redox Signalling Molecules outside of our body.

Redox Signalling Technology is a true Transformational Breakthrough! Scientists who understand this, believe that it will fuel the greatest advances in medical science of this century!

So what are Redox Signalling molecules and why are they so important?

Before this can be explained, one needs you understand the importance of cells. Cells are the most basic, fundamental unit of life and our body is made of some 75 trillion of them. Instead of thinking about having a healthy heart, liver, or brain, we really should be thinking about having healthy heart cells, healthy liver cells … healthy brain cells … because truly our health is determined by the health of our cells.

Redox Signalling Molecules are produced inside our cells. They help our cells to communicate with each other. They help our tissues to heal themselves.

Our cells are damaged every day. Whether we are talking about damage from the UV rays in sunlight, toxins in the air, food and water, exercise, the choices of food we eat, wear and tear, or daily stress.

Our body has tens of billions of cells that need repair or replacement every day, even more if we are sick or sore. When we are young, up to about age 11, our bodies produce an abundance of Redox Signalling Molecules. That is why when a 5-year-old child scrapes a knee you can hardly tell after a few days. But what happens to us, as elders, when we scrape our knee? It can take weeks, even months before that wound completely heals. What has changed since we were children is the amount of these vital molecules that our cells produce.

The  cells produce less and less Redox molecules, to the rate of 1% less per year from the age of 11 on. As we age, and especially if we are sick, we do not have enough Redox Signalling Molecules to handle the demand. Our medical capabilities are incredible in dealing with infections, traumas, and acute challenges … but in spite of all of our technological and medical advances, the prevalence of chronic illness continues to climb. Chronic disease in the U.S. alone is projected to increase 6 times faster than the population.

It’s no wonder that research is focusing on Redox Signalling as fertile ground for desperately needed solutions. Redox Signalling is absolutely necessary for all living things on earth that have more than one cell. It is becoming apparent that increasing proper Redox Signalling levels in your body is the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do for your health!

After 17 years of research and millions of dollars invested, the company ASEA has succeeded in doing what science has thought and continues to think is impossible: Redox Signalling molecules in a bottle.

ASEA has succeeded, for the first time in history, to create bioactive, balanced, and stabilized Redox Signalling Molecules. Just as our cells create Redox Signalling Molecules from the saline solution inside them, ASEA’s highly patented three-step process begins with an identical saline solution. Then, through a Redox process, the molecules of salt and water are broken down to the atomic level and finally recombined to form stabilized balanced Redox Signalling Molecules.

The end result is the creation of the world’s first and only, Redox Signalling supplement.

For the first time in history we can restore these vital molecules to empower our body to heal itself!

Thus these products can help everybody and promote the healing of all health problems. There are thousands of testimonials the body healing itself when the cells have the added Redox Molecules given by ASEA and RENU28. ASEA is meant to be taken internally. RENU28 is a gel to be applied to the skin. The effects on the skin are spectacular as we can see the effects in just a few weeks.

In the following links you can see description and some results after 30 days of the application 2X a day of Renu28.

Among the thousands of testimonials which exist on these products I have chosen one that well illustrates their merits and how they exceed all that we expect from a health product.

This testimony is incredible for the following reason. I consider the Hippocrate Health Institute in Florida as the most advanced alternative health centre in the world. I’ve gone there twice and I have been following them for many years. They help people recover from amany except advanced memory loss and mental degradation. These are some of the rare problems that a raw vegan diet combined with an appropriate supplementation and purification and hygiene of the internal organs does not succeed in overcoming.

In Michael Stern’s ASEA weekly webinar there was an invited guest, William Friedman from Idaho, who gave an amazing testimony of his father’s results with ASEA. The father had a “neurological disorder,” that caused his hands and arms to shake uncontrollably, all the time, and he suffered a degree of dementia as well.  He was 78, when William introduced him to ASEA.  On the advice of Dr. Walker, he started taking 4 oz a day and doubled the dose weekly until he was up to 16 oz a day. Three months into his program, he held both arms out in front of his body and told his son, “Look, no shaking!” From that day on his memory was completely restored too.  He had been on 15 medications for a variety of conditions. A new doctor followed him over the next few months and after being on ASEA for 5 months, he was off of all medications.  He continues to take 8 oz of ASEA daily.

I have personally noticed numerous improvements to my health with ASEA from my teeth to crevasses on my feet. Many of my friends and family have noticed major health improvement when I recommended these products. Numerous athletes take ASEA because it increases their performance and decreases the time of recovery after effort. Hundreds of testimonials attest to these results notably that of Eddy Hall from the UK crowned the strongest man in the world who takes this product every day within the framework of his training.

These products have been made available through multi-level marketing. This means it can only be bought from people who use it. You will never see these products sold in stores. It’s another advantage to this product as it allows one to gain revenue by talking to friends and family about the incredible benefits you will experience using them.  If you want to put more energy into it, you will easily reach financial abundance. The growth of this company is proportional to its efficiency. In only nine years it’s now available in 30 countries. When we know the complexity of opening a new country with multi-level marketing this speaks for itself.

Want more information ?  Look at some here followed by many testimonials.

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If you want help understanding the product, how to order andor the opportunity for financial gain, please write a comment below this article. Comments are moderated so they won’t be published but will give me the opportunity to communicate with you.

Have a beautiful and healthy day!

Blue Eagle

DISCLAIMER – “ASEA doesn’t heal or cure any medical condition, it gives the body what it needs to heal itself.”

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