Dear Readers,

I’m writing to you as promised but a few days late. My weekend was too busy.

My life is filled to the brim with all the initiatives for health and business that occupy my days. Thanks to ASEA which allowed me an important physical regeneration, I’m working out more than ever and that fills me of joy. Indeed, when young I was very sick. From 4 years of age until recently I’ve had to deal with important health issues. They were so severe during childhood that the doctor repeatedly told my parents that I only had a few years to live.

60 years later I’m still there and getting stronger by the year. I’ve put these problems behind me, thanks to the knowledge and wisdom of my Native American elders, those who have researched the raw vegan diet and the ASEA products.

The ASEA products make it possible to optimize health simply and effectively. I’ve written extensively on the blog about them, I’ll reiterate the links at the end of this article. What is also very interesting for those who are good networkers and communicators is the powerful business opportunity this company offers in network marketing. Many doctors, naturopaths and other health experts have become distributors of these products. People of all the trades and all professions are reaching financial ease while optimizing their health and helping others.

I was inspired today to write about this as I see too many people with health issues. Our bodies are greatly affected by ever-increasing pollution in our food, air and water. We have a 1500% increase in stress factors in this technocratic lifestyle and world that seems to have lost all common sense. We have often lost the collaboration and assistance offered by the community living we had for millennia that has mostly disappeared today swallowed up by our individualistic, private property, materialistic lifestyles. And many other factors we lost when we chose technology rather than nature. For as long as Men continue to live a life estranged from nature will we require products like ASEA if we value health and longevity. These products are unique, heavily patented and the only ones offering REDOX signalling molecules essential in all cellular healing and intracellular communication.

More news soon. Many things happening. This subject just imposed itself on me as I sat down to write to you. Health is priceless. Without health nothing is possible. With health we have infinite possibilities. We have an enormous task in front of us in transforming the old world and creating a new one. Here’s a tool that I believe is essential in this equation.

Joy and Light be with you!

Blue Eagle



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