I’ve always felt responsible based on my understanding of the world. I found a similar phrase in the Cherokee Code of Good Conduct, whose spirituality forms my basic practice. It says, “If you see something that needs to be done, do it”. What’s implied here is doing it now, not waiting until tomorrow for what can be done today.

When we see a problem in the world, it’s important to reflect on our contribution to that problem. Are we unconscious actors? Can we influence its resolution? Is it our responsibility?

Our vision informs our life mission. Understanding that a problem exists means working to solve it, even if the problem is global in scale. Even if the problem is indeed insurmountable, impossible to envisage due to its sheer scale, the mere fact of having the intention or desire to resolve it sets in motion the causes and effects that will bring about a positive influence on the whole of existence and beneficial karmic results.

I find that responsibility goes hand in hand with speaking the truth. Keeping one’s promises, telling the truth, doing what one says one’s going to do, being frank and honest is a responsibility that falls to the true human being. A true human being is a native expression of our nations that defines what it means to be human in one’s responsibility to self, family, friends, community and nation. Right speech, keeping one’s word, defined the true human being in the same way that a man became a man when he underwent his rite of passage, and received his vision, his understanding of his life mission. An example of how this was expressed in the encounter of European culture and Indigenous communities in North America is the observation that of the first 100 treaties established between colonizers and First Nations, the whites broke 99 and the Natives 1, but only after the whites had broken it.

It takes great integrity to stand firm in the face of the modern world, which does everything it can to assimilate the human being to being a cog, a number in a technocratically governed country.

I could go on and on to illustrate the extent to which modern civilization is steeped in lies, and is even defined by these tricks and half-truths. The scientific dogmas that hold back progress, and how many technological discoveries are prevented from being made available to the general public, are a well-known example. Or the blind justice that favors the rich and powerful. Or the medical industry, which persecutes natural and alternative health practitioners to increase their profits. It’s not, as these organizations claim, to protect the population, as in truth one of the leading causes of death in Western countries subject to medical corporations is medical error. Indeed, it is dangerous to attempt to cure diseases with chemicals, surgery, electronics, mechanical technologies,  and radiation. Mistakes with these extremely invasive methods are easy to make, it takes but a moment of distraction. As the health workers in current hospitals are often overworked, errors are legion. This explains why medical error is one of the top causes of death in western countries. Is that the narrative we are fed with ?

As I was saying, it’s hard to remain honest when we’ve grown up and been educated in such a system, which has hidden the true history of humanity in the name of a narrative designed to make us dependent on the system and blind to universal truths.

Yet it is our responsibility as human beings to represent the truth. In time, truth always triumphs. The good and true are always ultimately what will remain and what will favor life and the expression of good. The laws of karma are immutable and universal. Nothing can be compromised at this level; it’s inescapable.

I’m convinced that this understanding, which everyone instinctively grasps, is one aspect of what needs to be changed today if we are to alter the frantic race towards the destruction of all life that is being played out in these times. In fact, under universal laws, the vast majority of politicians in the degenerate West, who impose forced vaccinations, foment wars, terrorism, color revolutions and dissension, are among the greatest criminals our humanity has ever produced. It is our responsibility, if we understand this, to seek solutions.

This applies to every level of our lives, in our family relationships, in the workplace, in our chance encounters at the grocery store and at events. Goodness, kindness, generosity, and compassion are the hallmarks of the true human, for they nurture the beautiful, the good, and happy futures. Thus, these virtues are a joyful responsibility, through the joy they give birth to, for each and every one of us.

I had this theme in mind this week, responsibility, that I wanted to share with you. I realize as I try to write this down that it’s not so easy to explain. I’ve always lived by this principle, but expressing it in a modern context, I now see, isn’t easy. I’ll keep thinking about it this week and see if I have anything else to share next week. I’d be very interested to hear any comments you may have on these thoughts.



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  1. As a Boy Scout I was always taught to leave a place better than I found it. I was taught to treat others the way I would want to be treated. Social responsibility is such a vital component of a successful community, but we often focus to much on our rights. This forces an egocentric view of the world, and makes it all too easy to think “what is in it for me”. I deeply appreciate the words you have shared, and I hope that we can become the slow trickle that becomes an avalanche of change.


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