My thoughts today turn to love. A topic in which I have very little expertise, except on the universal and unconditional level of my work as a spiritual healer.

I notice how the modern world is the antithesis of true love. The destruction of ecosystems, the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna around the world, and the pollution that damages the health of all life forms, is a feature of our civilization. This trend takes many forms. Whether it’s the repression and genocide of indigenous peoples around the world, the repression and persecution of their universal spirituality, shamanism, the persecution of countless health practitioners by the medical industry in collusion with governments, whether it’s the forced isolation of recent years, whether it’s forced vaccination with spike proteins that alter our DNA and heavy metals in the form of nanobots that multiply in the brain with the barely concealed intention of turning humans into technologically controllable cyborgs, whether it’s transhumanism and transgenderism that alter the reality of what it is to be human, in short, I could go on for pages and pages listing the countless facets of our way of life that are at odds with true love.

Through my intense spiritual research since adolescence, I have found that almost all the world’s spirituality lead to love. Taoism in China, Sufism in the Middle East, the true Christian message and Tibetan Buddhism have all shown me beautiful faces of love, which one attains better and better as one progresses in spiritual practice and evolution. But, like the Vatican, all these schools also have their dark sides: such is the nature of human beings, with their free will and a life on earth that is a constant challenge. Shamanism does not have such an overt final orientation, partly because it contains it at its core, because of its respect for and communication with, nature. On the other hand, it is here that we can find the most deviance, people who use magic for personal ends and to harm others. In traditional societies, the elders of the various clans kept a watchful eye on those who might be drawn in by these evil tendencies, but with the systematic destruction of the right to practise their spirituality for generations by the American and Canadian governments, these clan societies no longer exist. There is no longer much control over this, and the number of people suffering from this kind of attack has exploded in recent decades.

Love is at the heart of who we are as human beings, and the forces that seek to eliminate this fundamental aspect of who we are will never succeed. The world’s largest country has put the family back on the map and encourages large families in many ways. To my mind, this is the most beautiful illustration of true love. Many other countries have understood the message and are following suit. There’s a lot of hope.

Couple problems, separations and divorces are legion in today’s society. But in the end, we’re going to survive them and return to a way of life that’s fair and fosters love. Because love is the greatest force in the universe. Combined with the will to live and the peace of mind of those whose lives are geared towards helping others, we have within us, at the very core of who we are, the greatest force and power that exists in the created universe.

The answers to the problems we’re experiencing with love right now? I don’t have them. I know ways, and it needs persistent work with which I’ve had little success so far. But I’ve known from an early age that it’s the most important thing, the highest goal we can aim for, and it deserves all our efforts and concentration. The path to true love is that of kindness, goodness, gentleness and helping and aiding all forms of life. May we help each other to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to this.

Joy, Peace, Love, Light and Serenity.


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