To be true. To be yourself. Not putting on a mask to meet social conventions and dictates. Being able to escape norms to affirm the truth. Having the courage that gives us people like Julien Assange and his work in Wikileaks, Nelson Mandela and the liberation of the people of South Africa, Jesus Christ and the redemption of his followers.

We also need to know how to protect ourselves in order to survive. So many brave hearts have been crucified. There comes a time when it’s better to be discreet so as to be able to continue to serve. There comes a time when courage is exhausted and you need rest. The important thing is to be true to yourself. First and foremost, knowing how to look at yourself in the mirror and being honest with who you are. Not always easy, nor always pleasant. But in the end, if we’re fair in our assessment of our thoughts, words and actions, we can choose what’s right, beneficial and good for all.

Every thought, word and deed have their consequences. The laws of karma are inescapable. Every good deed will multiply and one day blossom into favorable circumstances. Every bad word or deed will multiply in the silence of our memories, blossoming in our lives as suffering and misery. The longer it takes to blossom, the more powerful the result will be. It will multiply 10, 100, 1000 times more than what gave birth to it, depending on how long it takes to germinate in our consciousness.

So, it’s good to see that the circumstances of our lives are always empty of real meaning. For one, rain is wonderful; for another, it ruins the day. Rain is neither good nor bad, it’s empty, it’s a potential, it will be perceived as good or bad depending on the causes in our mind that make it perceived as such. Thus it is with everything in life. Everything will be perceived according to the causes (thoughts, words and actions) that we have sown in the soil of our existences. That’s why being authentic, having integrity, is so important. Lying to ourselves will lead to catastrophic results in the long term. Sometimes it’s even in the short term that the negative effects manifest. Seeing the reality of how our words and actions impact those around us is vital if we are to sow the good seeds that will give us happiness, joy, favorable circumstances and beneficial energies.

We’re human, and it’s a process. It’s a learning. We all make mistakes. The good thing is that we can correct our mistakes. To do this, there’s a process: first, you have to remember the laws of karma. That everything is empty, that everything is potential, that everything we do, say and think will have multiplied effects in the short, medium and long term. 2nd is regret, acknowledging that we’ve made a mistake, and this is where authenticity and integrity are important. 3rd is to make a vow, a commitment not to repeat such mistakes. Step 4: try to correct the consequences of our mistakes as best we can. It’s not always possible to correct with those we’ve impacted, but it’s not absolutely necessary either. If we can correct others in a similar area, even if it’s only approximate, we’ll have corrected and cancelled out most of the negative karma. The important thing is to be aware of why you’re doing it, and then to recognize that you’ve done the right thing.

Have a good weekend !

Light and Love from my heart to yours !

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