Shamanism and Traditions – continued

Native teachings and traditions all over the world are rooted in the community. The community is an extension of the fundamental cell of human life, the family. The family entity gives life, and supports the birth, growth, education and continuity of community life. From community emerges the complementarity of human and physical resources (education, healing, food, clothing and shelter) necessary for human life in the midst of nature.

The richness of community life has all but disappeared from modern societies. For those who haven’t experienced the enveloping, kind, holistic, loving, multidimensional and evocative atmosphere of ritual community gatherings that open the doors to communication with nature and invisible dimensions, it’s almost impossible to grasp the level of consciousness expansion that occurs at such events. It takes love, the human environment that gives security, stability and confidence to our being, for such an opening to occur. This is what the traditional family relationship gives, the tight-knit unity of traditional couple relationships that were so stable and filled with love and meaning when it evolved within a community that had its roots in a millennia-old tradition in tune and harmony with universal laws as nature teaches them. I experienced this when I rediscovered my traditions and was able to experience traditional ceremonies. It’s so huge, words are too small to describe it. The reason I mention it here, is to give a context, an explanation to the assertion that traditional life in the midst of nature, and traditions that emerge from a life in tune with nature, are those that offer us maximum development.

A woman considered by many of my native spiritual elders to be the most evolved on earth today, conceived the healing of humanity in its relationship with the earth by what she calls family domains. Indeed, this woman has given the greatest and most impressive demonstration of the possible and imaginable powers that a human being can manifest. I’ll let you discover her in this article here. In short, her project, in my opinion, has the greatest potential for the healing and re-harmonization of our humanity in relation to nature, and the maximum development that comes from living in a community within the world.

The extraordinary thing about this project is that it’s simple and on a human scale. The principles are as follows:

1- The traditional family (woman, man and the plan to start a family) settles on a plot of land of approximately one hectare (one hectare is 10,000 square metres or about 2 acres).

2– This place must belong to the family for eternity and therefore cannot be sold, but only passed on as an inheritance to the family’s children and/or grandchildren.

3- It must seek to free itself from all taxation on the place, the house, the goods and crops produced on the domain.

A family that cultivates organic biodiversity in such a place can support itself forever. They create a place of beauty with the trees, plants, animals and environments they desire, and feed their families with the fruits of their crops, which, when cultivated according to the principles this woman teaches, are the most nourishing and healing imaginable. Families seek to establish this place, this family domain, in close proximity to other family domains, and thus form a living community for the sharing of resources, tools and knowledge that are necessary to produce the food, clothing and building materials and expertise for their small family homes and other buildings necessary to live in the bosom of nature. (Cold rooms, stables, ceremonial sites, schools, dispensaries, etc.)

Within such a community, the traditions and natural spirituality that lead to maximum human development will emerge quite naturally.

That’s my little conclusion to the thoughts that emerged last weekend. What we’re all looking for is love, peace, joy and the light of consciousness that leads to our eternal evolution. It will eventually lead us to immortality, as the greatest sages of our planetary history have demonstrated. And it all starts in the family garden. For, by cultivating our land, we reclaim our true identity as earthlings—some of the most powerful and evolved beings in our galaxy.

Peace, Joy, Love and Light to your souls and consciences.

In true friendship

Blue Eagle

P.S.- A special thank you to Julie Dos Santos, the talented animal communicator, for the impressive pics she has made with AI.

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