I’ve been following the shamanic path since childhood. But the real progress and understanding of this path came when I found Native American elders and traditional teachers in my twenties. Despite destruction and persecution, misery and disease, repression and racism, the keepers of tradition knew how to transmit the essence of the path of spirituality united with the world, stemming from the nature that surrounds us. This spirituality, common to all indigenous peoples on every continent, is called shamanism.

No other nation on this planet has experienced as many attempts to wipe them off the world map and remove them from their lands and traditions as the native peoples of North America. Although they have survived this all-out genocide, it has nevertheless left gaps in their teaching, with parts of their tradition forgotten and lost. I had to keep searching to fill these gaps, and I found the answers. These answers I found in the ancient traditions of other peoples who have managed to preserve ancient texts and teachings that are thousands of years old. The ones that have helped me most are those of the yogis of India, Chinese Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese martial arts.

It’s important to understand that traditions are vital and of paramount importance for living in peace, serenity and a healthy, harmonious way of life. The purpose of shamanism is to help people live healthy, happy lives in balance with nature. In this spirit, the elders pass on the tradition, which is nourished from generation to generation by the knowledge, methods and techniques that prove beneficial to the people. Those that don’t work are forgotten, but those that help are preserved. Over the centuries and millennia, the wealth of indigenous knowledge has created tribes with excellent health and incredible psychic gifts, surrounded by a natural environment of great beauty, where all beings of the plant and animal kingdoms are beautiful, abundant and healthy. In such an environment, human development is at its peak. Nature is the creation of the Great Spirit. As such, it provides the most favorable conditions for our evolution. Life in harmony with nature is the best for human beings.

Today, there are modern forms of shamanism that are not based on tradition. Harner’s neo-shamanism and that of the improvised shamans of the New Age have their merits and can be helpful and beneficial, despite the occasional excesses of those who delude people for profit. Even so, there’s good to be found in these methods. But they lack the protection, efficacy and richness of an ancestral lineage.

With the programmed destruction of human identity orchestrated by the globalists and transhumanists who have sought to destroy indigenous peoples on every continent, resulting in the deplorable state of humans in today’s polluted industrial societies, we need to consider rebuilding and reconstructing these traditions. As wisdom is inscribed everywhere in nature, it is possible to recover our traditions. The starting point for this healing lies in the earth. Nature, which we protect and nurture, is what gives life. Life in its fullness leads to wisdom and health. So, the path before us to achieve this is called the communities of family domains.

I’m at the end of the time I can devote to my blog this weekend. So, I’ll continue this conversation next week.


  1. I so enjoy your blog! Looking forward to you continuing your thoughts. Can you help me find out my totem animal? I read in one of your earlier posts that this is something you offer as a consultation. 😀


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