Enter meditation from 3:10 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Montreal time, Monday, April 8.

There’s a very important event on Monday, an eclipse that occurs only every 5,000 – 6,500 years. This particular total eclipse is recognized by experts as having specific effects. They break the connections in the ionosphere, including control networks such as 3G, 5G, 6G, 7G, WIFI and so on. These waves exert enormous control over humanity on the subtle and electromagnetic planes. These resonate with heavy metals in the human organism. These metals have been assimilated through the air (chemtrails), water (municipal treated water, of which fluoride is the most harmful), vaccines, medication and food (too many chemicals to list here). The presence of nanobots transmitted by vaccines, which can transinfect other unvaccinated humans, self-replicate in the brain and blood, using these heavy metals to duplicate themselves. At the end of the day, through nanobots and heavy metals, human beings unknowingly pick up messages from artificial networks created by the deep state all over the planet. These networks will be completely defeated for around 5 minutes during the total eclipse.

This gives humanity the opportunity to connect collectively in the heart, and in an amplified way, for the co-creation of a new world.

The connection between the hearts of people in meditation during this event will allow for an exponential amplification of our power of co-creation, to the point of nullifying the efforts to subjugate humanity that are underway and create circumstances favorable to the healing of humanity and the earth. We here in Quebec will be directly under the eclipse, which will culminate in a very precise location in Mexico. See below an aerial image of the earth’s navel, the Zone of Silence, El Zona del Silencio, in Mexico, where this eclipse will culminate. Activists and highly spiritual people will be there to meditate. This place is already safe and free from the influence of electromagnetic waves, hence its name, El Zona del Silencio.


The Navel of Mother Earth – El Zona del Silencio, Mexico

For the exact times and trajectory of the eclipse, see here :

The total eclipse lasts approximately 4 minutes 25 seconds. I therefore invite you to enter meditation from 3:10 to 3:30 p.m. Montreal time, on Monday April 8. It usually takes about 20 minutes for the brain to enter theta wave. The work to be done is to connect with the inner sun. Our link with the outer sun will be completely obscured by the moon for these few minutes. By connecting with the inner sun, we find ourselves reactivating the creative function of the human being, without interference from the negative artificial frequencies of the deep state. Once the connection with the inner sun at the heart is made, visualize a world filled with freedom, joy, coherence, peace, love and light. The more you can enter into a clear and precise vision of such a wonderful future for humanity and its beautiful planet, with the maximum of detail, the more the effect of collective co-creation will act in this direction.

This event is followed by a 40-day period of introspection, forgiveness, resolutions and penance. By the 18th of May, further planetary events in favor of our liberation should be triggered.

Joy, Light, Love and Peace

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