As the old world crumbles under pollution, war, repression, persecution, disease, chaos and inexorably self-destructs, the new earth quietly and serenely emerges from everywhere.

It’s important to understand that liberation from the old world, enlightenment, ascension and accession to the new earth don’t come to us from outside, from some messiah, extraterrestrial race, solar, galactic or other event, but from within each and every one of us. It’s built from our consciousness through our daily activities, our spiritual practice, our enlightened actions to help others, the earth, the ecology, our gardens, our animals and our communion and communication with all the kingdoms of life around us.

It’s a humble, daily, luminous activity born of the will, love and peace of our soul that builds the new earth. In the end, nothing matters but the activity of the soul, the ultimate goal of our spirit, which is our evolution towards ever greater light, truth, altruism and co-creation.

That’s why it’s so important to take a few minutes in the morning to meditate in silence and tranquility. This time of reflection and internalization should become as stable as the sun that illuminates life on earth every day. In this quiet time, we can look for ways to help our families, our neighbors, our colleagues, our gardens, our territories and our leaders. To the extent that we foster life, our souls grow. And there is no limit, for before us lies eternity and possibly immortality too. One day we’ll see the futility of always having to die and start again, and we’ll make our soul the eternal home of our conscience. We will then be able to live endlessly in the body or vehicle of our choice whether material or immaterial.

The action to which I contribute most of these days is our liquid smudge and fragrances, made with the methodology of the great ancestral perfumeries of France, to which I’ve integrated several vibratory techniques and herbal wisdom from the traditions of the First Nations of America. These shamanic techniques encode specific intentions into our fragrances. These are from the new earth. They link the ancestral wisdom of those who lived in perfect unity with our beautiful planet and all its children, from all kingdoms (mineral, vegetable, animal, human and others) and the new earth that is emerging these days. These are ceaseless, continuous cycles in which darkness comes to show us the way to the light. The luminosity of my fragrances carries the vibration of the new earth and anchors us in the fundamental, eternal elements of manifestation. We’re looking for collaborators and distributors of the highest caliber, because the times that are coming are ours. We are finally manifesting the new earth, and vibratory energy harmonizers are essential to retune and re-harmonize those who are working to build the new earth.

Every morning, I prepare my meditation by purifying the altar and myself with the Chiiyaam liquid smudge. I offer a small spray in the 4 directions, to the earth and the sky. I can then sit down in peace, having purified all my energies and those in the room, and having offered my gratitude in all directions. Before starting my day, Miwah or Grâces amplify my ability to attract beneficial energies and favourable circumstances. And during the day, depending on my needs, one of the fragrances of the five elements can support my health or my activities. Don’t hesitate to include these precious fragrances in your toolkit for building the new earth. I cannot conceive of my days without them.

The new earth is all around us, because we’ve fertilized it, nurtured it within us. It has been growing in our meditations, ceremonies, rituals, prayers and then manifested in our enlightened activities. The gestation of the new earth is within you, within us. Peace, light, love, truth, will, joy, ecstasy and bliss—this is the new earth in and around us.

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