On this Easter Sunday, symbolic of the rebirth our lands experience in the spring, and of our ascension in these days when humanity is liberating itself from the influences that have tried to enslave us for so many millennia, I feel joyful and excited to share with you the hopes that drive me.

Just as nature renews itself in springtime, we too have the capacity to be reborn, to leave behind what no longer serves us, and embrace great new possibilities. We have within us the infinite angelic power of creation and co-creation that is unique among the races of our galaxy. Certain races, in collusion with our depraved elites, have tried to usurp these capabilities, to direct us where they wanted, in order to use us as livestock sacrificed to their inhuman ambitions. But no, in these days of the springtime of our humanity’s liberation, their artifices and their darkness are exposed every day to the light of our consciences unified in the light of supreme truth. We are the representatives of Great Spirit, we are the eyes and hands of God in the world. Nothing and no one can divert us from our mission to bring life in abundance to every land and region we touch. This is the ultimate purpose of our mission as humanity. To promote life, and therefore everything that promotes life: happiness, love, peace, joy, health, purity, consciousness, truth, abundance, collaboration, unity, and again, you intuitively understand the rest of what I’m singing here… We are the world’s deliverance.

On this day of rebirth, of this much-celebrated symbol in our world of the victory of light over the darkness and vileness of corrupt elites, we have the opportunity to overcome fear, illusion, doubt, hatred, jealousy, pettiness, etc., and assume our divine, angelic, creative and immortal nature.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’d like to see blossoming within us, so that we can assume our rightful place within creation. May the earth, nature, our loved ones, our communities and our countries live abundantly in all that is good. This is my prayer on this blessed day.

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