A black hole in space – Photo by NASA Hubble Space Telescope on Unsplash

The world changes. The only thing permanent here is perpetual change. Everything that has a beginning also has an end. Birth leads to death and death to life. Everything that manifests on the material plane undergoes a constantly evolving transformation and transmutation, either towards manifestation or dissolution. And so it goes on endlessly, but beyond this there is a purpose, a mission, an ultimate destination.

The immortality of the soul is at the heart of the wisdom, understanding, teachings and foundations of spirituality of all the sages, shamans and religious devotees of the indigenous and civilized world. Thus, there is a fundamental unity among all human beings. A path to peace and harmony on earth.

The path is different in every religion, culture and tradition, but the basic philosophy is the same. We are souls who have taken on the garment of a physical body on earth to experience creation and learn how to create and promote the living. There’s a difference between creating, co-creating and inventing. But for a while it looks like we’re going to get lost in the maze of harmful technologies that lower the potential of our physical, emotional and mental bodies. But this too will come to an end. That’s why we’re seeing the accelerating degeneration and decadence of the Western elites who are fomenting war and chaos across the globe. There’s no future for those who think that the soul doesn’t exist and that you can transfer your being into a computer, change your sex to be happy, or live without ethics or a moral sense. When we look at the direction humanity is taking today, we see that the domination of the globalists is crumbling, that more and more people are saying no to perversion, no to lies and information control, no to the control of our diseases by the interventionist chemical pharmaceutical industry, and yes to family, morals, ethics, truth, the right to choose how we manage our health and traditional values.

The world is changing. We’re coming to an end, and a new beginning, a new era in the evolution of humanity. The best way to accompany this movement is to have a spiritual practice. No practice is better than another, except one that is traditional to the land on which you live. Because then its roots are anchored in reality, in the living soil.

One universal practice is that of offerings. For example, the most widespread is that of going out in the morning, chanting your thanks and gratitude and giving sacred herbs, water, incense or some other form of offering. It doesn’t have to be complicated, we can keep it simple and thus activate the cycle of reciprocity with this simple act. The earth and all visible and invisible beings can and want to help human beings to evolve, because in return humanity has the power to create favourable circumstances, beneficial energies, worlds, universes and galaxies for all beings.

Let’s evolve together towards greater peace and harmony, abundance and joy, recognizing that we are all One, that there is a fundamental unity in all human beings. Let’s learn to work together to sustain life, and learn to welcome death as the reality it is, a new beginning. There is great wisdom in living with death, and it is taught in most of the world’s deep spiritual mystery schools. There is nothing to fear in life, there is nothing to fear in death. For nothing is permanent. Everything changes. But the soul never dies, never fades, it is immortal and eternal, and this is our true identity.

In Peace, Joy, Light and Love


  1. Beautifully said! Thank you! I love reading your posts, just this morning read the one from Easter Sunday as well. I loved that also and saved it to reread to my granddaughter.


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