A cosmic law states that matter, space or energy will always try to fill a vacuum that’s been created. Chiiyaam’s vibratory purification perfume, the Liquid Smudge, which I mentioned a few weeks ago, eliminates the negative influences that accumulate in the energy fields around us.   

Thus, I went on to create a beautiful vibratory perfume with sweetgrass as its main olfactory note. Sweetgrass is used for its extraordinary fragrance and also for its vibratory properties. In Native American tradition, sweetgrass is offered as incense to attract beneficial energies and favourable circumstances. This is why we recommend using Miwah after purifying with Chiiyaam. Using Miwah will ensure that the energies attracted into the energetic space released by Chiiyaam will be beneficial and favourable. What’s more, due to the crystalline nature of our ritually encoded fragrances, if the person using it consciously holds a specific intention, this intention will be amplified by this liquid incense. In our experience, Miwah offers its full potential when vaporized around the body and not directly on the skin.

Another important aspect for us today is the complementary nature of these two energetic fragrances. The essences in Chiiyaam and its scent are masculine. Those in Miwah are feminine. Sweetgrass, which grows in long strands, is traditionally always braided before being used as incense. Hence its traditional name, the hair of Mother Earth.

It evokes the creative aspect of the feminine, the infinite depths from which springs the creative impulse that shapes our world.

To create this perfume, we spent a year researching and developing a sweetgrass extract. Sweetgrass does not produce essential oils. So, in order to make Miwah, we needed to make a sweetgrass absolute. We used 3 natural solvents in which the sweetgrass macerated for a month, giving us concretes when distilled. We then washed the concretes with alcohol to make an absolute and then found the exact ratio of these 3 extracts to the closest scent of sweetgrass in its natural state. We’re very close to it, and manufacturers of Native American products that use sweetgrass in their preparations, like soaps, buy this absolute, telling us it’s the best on the market. It is available from as an extract in alcohol. Also available on request as an absolute for preparations.

If you like and use Chiiyaam, I recommend you try Miwah. We have found that the synergy between the two greatly amplify beneficial energy in any activity and space in which they are used.

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