So, as promised, here’s what I’ve seen in the Winter Solstice Crystal for the coming year. This Crystal is ceremoniously brought out once a year. We contemplate it to see the messages that will come for the following year. Everyone sees different things in it.

The first thing I saw was rows of light traced in the earth. The message came that more and more families will be starting gardens again. All over the world, families will be making small and big gardens. People will understand and remember that families have always provided for themselves, either directly from nature or by creating gardens. It’s high-quality food and an enjoyable activity in which the whole family can participate. It secures a families’ future and preserves the earth. Great news! We will see the emergence of an enlightened vision of how we should live to be healthy and well, respecting and collaborating with nature.

Then I saw that the representatives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds were going to be more and more present, and that many men and women around the world were going to dare talk about the experiences they’d had with extraterrestrials, both the ill-intentioned and the well-intentioned. In tandem with this, I’ve seen the deep state try to recuperate this by staging theatrical 3D projections, pretending attacks and other seemingly malicious interference to sow fear and thwart the luminous and beneficial messages of our brothers and sisters from the stars.

It’s important to understand that the universe is vast beyond anything we could imagine, and that life and intelligence develop in an infinite number of worlds. That some of them achieve, as we are beginning to do, the ability to travel through space, is quite logical and obvious. And that these civilizations should federate to harmonize relations between the worlds in our galaxy is equally logical and obvious. From time immemorial, North American natives have had relationships with representatives of otherworldly civilizations. I remember once asking an elder whose family is recognized as being very advanced in the 9th level of relationship in the great family of life, universal consciousness, how many extraterrestrial races she had met. She took a moment to think and then answered: thirteen. This is a controversial subject because it has been consciously hidden and suppressed by most of our governmental institutions. But more and more information are coming to light. For example, some of the information I understand to be true is that the grays and reptilians have been driven out of the solar system by the Galactic Federation of Worlds. All that’s left on Earth are hybrids, some of whom are in positions of power. The greys, as well as the reptilians, are races from other planets. They are highly technocratic and have no good intentions towards humanity or our planet. No world has the right, under the laws of the Galactic Federation, to interfere in the affairs of another world. This is what the greys and the reptilians have tried to do on Earth. That’s why the federation was able to drive them out of our solar system. This information comes from several different sources, but one of the sources that seems to me to be quite incredible is Personally, I don’t follow this, even if I’ve seen incredible things in the shamanic world this is still too out there for me: D. When needed, I find this information useful. I’m well aware that some technologies used against humanity are not of earthly origin. But otherwise, I’ve never had contact with extraterrestrials and what interests me is how to harmonize our relationship with the earth and nature in order to regain optimal health and maximum development. You won’t get any up-to-date information from me on this subject, but since the crystal showed me an increased positive presence and an attempt at negative recovery, I’m sharing it with you.

I’ve seen the deep state struggle and throw caution to the wind as it desperately clings to the power it’s insidiously acquired over the last 12,000 years. It’s going to be hot. Progress in exposing their actions, holding them accountable and establishing justice will continue. Those who denounce this evil hydra will become more numerous and their actions more important. However, I have seen for myself here in Canada, one of the most influenced and controlled countries in the world along with the USA, France and Australia, that it is still too early to confront head-on these elements at work in our public institutions. I got the message that we have to be discreet and humble. I think the message was for me personally. I’ve already given enough. My social activism has reached its limit. I prefer to offer wonderful divine perfumes that have the fragrance of ascension and music that amplifies the harmony of spirit. So, in the coming months my communications will change and I will focus on the establishment of the new earth rather than the collapse of the old. This came about following the visions with the solstice crystal.

All in all, apart from a few details, this is what I saw.

In the end, nothing really new, a continuation of what’s been happening in recent months, except this beautiful, hopeful vision of many gardens around the world.

I’ve had some lovely testimonials about my shamanic purifying all-natural perfume Chiiyaam following last week’s article as well as some questions. I’m going to work on this discussion and will publish this next Saturday.

I wish you all a restful weekend and a wonderful week filled with peace, love, light and joy.

Cristal du Sosltice d’Hiver

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