We are in the canadian winter.  The day is peaceful and we can feel below the sleepiness of nature the vibrant life force that is being restored.  How can we describe the peace, the calm, the serenity that inhabits us when we are in connection with our original instructions?

First Nations often speak of our original instructions. You may ask, “Where are they written?” Everywhere, in the trees, the grasses, the plants, the animals, the rocks, the mountains, the winds and the water, but most of all, within us. The original instructions are also, on a personal level, our life plan, the lessons and wisdom that our soul has come to acquire in this incarnation. They are the talents we must develop and the virtues and qualities of being that are important in our evolution towards an increasingly luminous realization. We come to earth many times. Each time we come to learn and perfect our ability to be co-creators of paradise on earth. When we have succeeded in this, we can begin to create worlds … it never ends.

When some religions say that we were created in the image of God, they are touching on an important truth, that of our potential as creators. Our technological inventions are an aberration of that potential. For the most part they work against creation because they produce pollution and destruction. But they are a good illustration of our ability to create things that do not exist, an ability that only humans have among the 19 million living beings on earth.

When we talk about co-creation, we are talking about being created in accordance with the laws of creation, those that are inscribed in nature around us. We create with life, for life, in accordance with natural harmony. When you garden you get to know the laws of life. That is why family domains have been suggested as a solution to modern problems.

To allow these original instructions to emerge in your consciousness, it can be helpful to spend several days alone in nature. Not doing anything other than daily exercise, just reflecting on our lives, and looking at the winds, water, clouds and beings of the plant and animal worlds that live in harmony around us. In such an environment, this innate knowledge, our original instructions, will emerge quietly, slowly, often without any noise, without us even being aware of it sometimes. It’s with time, peace and quiet that the appropriate thoughts and realization of who you are, will slowly emerge within you. There is no need for any kind of effort or activity, no need for prayers or mantras or complicated practices, in fact no need for anything! The state of awakened conscious awareness that some call enlightenment, this understanding and unity with our original instructions, is natural.

Don’t be afraid, don’t feel guilty if you have the impression that the original instructions are not revealing themselves. They are an innate inner knowledge that is always there. Do not forget that we were born in the matrix of an infernal machination, in the artificial, programed and conditioned system that destroys nature and our fundamental liberties. This system in which we live has made us dependent on it and far from nature that always reflects the original instructions of the world. It is normal that we have difficulty today in finding our way and our path. But this is not a cause for concern. These errors of humanity are but a fleeting single moment in our evolution. They are only an experience on the way to our full realization. We have been evolving on earth for millions of years, so these 12,000 or so years of dominating civilizations are only a moment of wandering away from our original instructions. This is the advantage of knowing the true history of mankind. Did you know that First Nations in America have an oral proven history that goes back more than 127,500 years[1]? This knowledge is very helpful in understanding what happens when mankind loses its way.

Our educational methods, those inscribed in the sacred, spiritual path of the Original People of America, have always favored the understanding of our original instructions. They teach how to draw from the source of your soul, from the glorious solitude of nature that surrounds you where thousands of beings sing the beauty of creation.

You are not alone… I will always be there to accompany you. And I am not alone, far from it, there are thousands of beings in the world, and on the subtle planes that are there to accompany you. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time, on the path of understanding your original instructions, the understanding, love and compassion of awakened beings accompany you. You are never alone … even if the system wants to confine you, to isolate you in order to better control you, it cannot. Ultimately you are always free as you are the daughters and sons of Great Spirit and nothing and no one can imprison your soul. These are immutable, eternal truths, and our work today is to create a world that reflects this reality, to live in accordance with our original instructions.

I guess we’ve got a lot of work to do!! 😀 LOL

[1] To read this proof: DELORIA, Vine Jr. God is Red, United States, Delta Book, 1978



  1. Dear Blue Eagle,
    Thank you, this is very beautiful, and what I know. I am been trying to share these things, as Our Wise Intelligences, on a broad, public site called Substack, with which you might be familiar. I am getting “view”s of my writing, but no affirmations/”likes.” At times, perhaps I make the post too long, but I am always trying to share that which lives within us. I write weekly. Today I am thinking perhaps of the title “The heart knows reason, reason knows not of (Pascal),” and then include ways people can get back into their heart. Do you have any reflections on my attempts to connect with others in this way?

    I have a shaman with whom I have had visions of being a plains Indian, and my life is guided, the guidance not yet felt in this situation other than the strong encouragement to do this new work, which I am loving. I have taught about Native living as a 3rd grade teacher, and upon retiring, with the help of others, we built a Bay Miwok Village in a nature area, in CA.

    As a teacher, I also saw that autism spectrum individuals are very connected, receptive to guidance from life, are heart centered, and want to help the world. Because of this orientation they have trouble with our very linear, tech world, as you mention above. This was the main focus of my website, created in ’19: connected learning by autism individuals, but also, all individuals, this addressed additionally from a Native view, in my last paper there, “The Right to Learn in Public Education.”
    Thank you for your blessings to all,

    • Dear Peggy, We live in a universe of lies and deception, thus when people speak the truth they are often either ignored or persecuted. Nothing new here, this has been the circumstances that we have been experiencing for the past 12 000 years and its been growing exponetially in the past century. Truth always prevails in the end, but this is in a contexte of non linear time, and the eternity aspect of our enduring and immortal souls. So, thus, do continue to do your work. The benefits might not be apparent but they are inscribed in the book of lives, of your eternal soul and its ongoing evolution. The world without is in reflection of the world within. We see without what we need to work on within. That’s the path towards true evolution and service to all living beings. Love and Light LBE


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