We are moving into the next evolutionary phase for Mankind and planet Earth. The enlightened guides that are moving through these times with us are calling it earth ascension.

This is very significant. The future of the planet and all the life forms it supports concerns us directly. We, humanity, as a very evolved species, looked upon with great interest by many advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in this galaxy, have a very important mission and role at this specific time in our evolution. We are to clear up and eliminate war, strife, poverty, chaos and pollution. These impediments to our evolution, health and happiness have been created by the demonic and satanic beings[1] that control our governments, medical industry and media. We are at that place where we can integrate the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but we cannot do that if we still harbour ignorance, war and pollution in our midst and in our world. We now have sufficient people that have awakened to the spirituality reality of what it means to be human.  This new awareness of our spiritual and divine oneness and mission also includes the reality of these evil beings and what they are doing to humanity, to the earth and all its life forms. We carry the responsibility we have incurred by allowing them into our places of office and governance. We need to bring the rule of law and justice to weigh down on those who enjoy our suffrage and misery. The face of evil is no longer hidden! They are acting with apparent impunity, in our faces and widespread disclosure and whistle blowing is happening all over the planet. We are the light, we are the eyes and hands of Great Spirit, we have the power and means that come from living the truth, reality, universal law, spiritual oneness and the abilities that stem from that unity. All is coming to a head in these days. We are going to be aided and helped on this path. The transition might be a bit rough, but the golden days are ahead of us.

How do we as individual and collective minds go about facilitating this change? First, we must affirm to these institutions and evil beings that are trying to manipulate us into cyborg slavery that WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

Secondly, we need to go back to nature. This can start in your kitchen by growing sprouts and tending a few herbal plants and flowers. And get out there, walk in nature, walk the land, the most important spiritual practice of all is walking upon the great mother and honouring the earth with offerings and our attentive vision of the natural world. Nature will teach you. Everything in nature is real, true, there are no lies in nature. The land is superabundant! Plant one seed and the plant that grows from that seed will give ten, a hundred, a thousand seeds! Reality and truth exist in our souls and in the land around us. Chant together, call upon the power of Great Spirit, become the sons and daughters of the light. The way is clear in front of us. With courage, discernment, clear vision, honesty, clarity, purity, and divine will and assistance we will liberate our planet.

Most main stream news and media, coming into your computers and phones are  full of lies and false light propaganda. There are now many alternative information sources that give real, true information. Seek them out, but also get it firsthand from nature as that is what we are: the divine gods and goddesses of mother earth. All power is in our hands.

We will win this eternal war. It’s nothing new. The clash of divine and demonic forces is forever and always. We cannot avoid it. We cannot close our eyes or put our heads under the sand and think it will go away. We need to look at them, and affirm that WE WILL NOT COMPLY. We will not feed them. We will impose the full force of the rule of universal law on those who have polluted, harmed, tormented, tortured and persecuted humankind for their personal gain and power. Today we say ENOUGH, it stops now!

We are the carriers of the light, the bearers of absolute truth. We are tomorrow’s world and nothing and nobody can stand in our way, as we bring health, happiness, beauty and love to all our relations. We will be happy, loving, beautiful, true and honest human beings.

May these words help to illuminate this new year and the changes that come.

Love, Light, Peace, Joy and Serenity from my heart to yours.

Luke Blue Eagle

[1]   The existence of these demonic beings has been known since time immemorial, and they exist in every world. They are few in number, but have enormous influence, as they will do anything to secure ultimate power and money. They are characterized by their lack of morals and ethics. They take great pleasure in making others suffer, even children and animals, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They think they are superior to everyone else, and so arrogate to themselves the right to get whatever they want, whatever the means. They think they’re above the law and all codes of good conduct. When they return to the spirit world, they are purified of their evil deeds in solitary places until they lose all individuality and memory of their past lives. They are not allowed to return to their soul family. This purification process can take thousands of years in Earth chronology.  Sometimes this requires more than one purification, as their souls are deeply altered.

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