For the next few months, I’ll be working full-time at Invocation. I want to make available on a planetary scale the vibratory products that will help us create the new earth. This week at Invocation I prepared and bagged a batch of Invocation Bath Salts.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about this wonderful product that I use regularly. I buy 4 kilos at a time and use much more than suggested on the packaging. I’ve always been a bit excessive. But I love the deep cleansing and relaxation I get from Invocation bath salts. 

So that’s my story with this product.27

I had the happy idea of creating a bath salt with the concentrate of essential oils used in the CHIIYAAM perfume. The result is surprising and truly wonderful, and let me tell you why.

INVOCATION bath salt is made from pure Guérande sea salt (from Brittany in France), the essential oils used in Chiiyaam, and jojoba oil.

Brittany salt, internationally recognized as one of the world’s finest sea salts, is hand-harvested in the natural salt marshes of Brittany, following the artisanal traditions of the paludier. It has the reputation of being a living salt: all its constituent elements are essential to enable and sustain life. As a complete food, it is one of the most beneficial table salts for one’s health. In the specialized literature on this subject, this salt is said to make people intelligent [1], unlike refined table salt, which is devoid of most minerals and contains only 3. Brittany sea salt contains 94 minerals in a form that is easily assimilated by the body! It’s interesting to note that human blood has the same degree of salinity and the same composition as seawater when mankind first appeared on the planet. This makes it extremely easy for the skin to purify and osmose the beneficial elements of sea salt when bathing with Invocation bath salts.

Our bath salt is also an excellent exfoliant for the skin, promoting the elimination of subcutaneous toxins. Bathing in the salt of life also has profoundly relaxing effects on ancient aspects of the human psyche.

Invocation’s CHIIYAAM essential oils blend is recognized by therapists in over twenty countries as a health-promoting compound that promotes relaxation and deep, regenerative purification. Its effect is amplified by its synergy with sea salt and the care taken in its preparation.

Jojoba oil, a plant traditionally used by the First Nations of southwest North America, refreshes, nourishes and softens the skin. It is there to help protect Chiiyaam’s essential oils, as salt has corrosive properties on essential oils. So, we carefully emulsify the oils with jojoba before adding it to the salt. The shelf life of our sea salt is short compared to our other products.  3 months is the optimal usage time.  Jojoba oil is there in our salts to care for and nourish the skin, complementing the effects of the essential oils and sea salt.

The synergy of these ingredients, combined with the fabrication processes derived from traditional Native American medicine, has resulted in a product that offers a remarkable bathing experience.

Personally, from the very first use of the product I had just created, I was immediately very impressed. My first impression was “WOW”! My second impression was one of deep relaxation. When I came out of the bath, I felt that a deep purification had taken place. I could smell Chiiyaam on my skin, a very pleasant feeling. Lying down to sleep in such a scent was very gentle and beneficial. After a few days of use, I noticed some quite surprising changes, as if a purification had taken place right down to cellular memory. I’ve been hooked ever since . I use it at specific times after intense days of work, fatigue, stress, travel, disturbances in my energies, etc.

I then sent the Invocation bath salt to several high-level healers in the province of Quebec, those who are sensitive to energies, to get their opinion. They tested my bath salts, to treat inflammations, to cleanse spaces, and so on. Each time, they concluded that using Invocation salt restored life and balance. They also confirmed my impression that it could eliminate traumatic cellular memory.

As with Chiiyaam, the uses people are finding with them go further than I could have imagined, and the results are surprising. It has to be said that the use of Native American shamanic techniques to encode products, i.e. to infuse therapeutic intentions directly into the molecular fabric of the Invocation aromatic products, is a process which, as far as we know, is unique. As we understand it, this encoding enables the individual using the product to multiply the beneficial effect of our aromatherapeutic complexes to the extent of his or her capacities for visualization and intention. In the years to come, these ancient techniques will be better understood and documented, and may eventually be used in many other fields to promote health and consciousness.

Here’s a summary of the feedback I’ve received from the therapists I consulted:

– Stimulates oxygenation

– Induces deep relaxation

– Marked reduction in all forms of anxiety and stress

– Deep cleansing, down to the cellular level

– Promotes energetic balance, drains negative charges

– Soothes inflammation


INVOCATION bath salts are, of course, 100% pure and natural, handcrafted. To benefit from the purifying effect on cellular memory, take a salt bath daily for 7 to 10 days. Highly recommended after exposure to electromagnetic pollution or radioactivity (after a plane flight, working in a place with lots of computers, exposure to X-rays, etc.).

Blue Eagle

Directions for use: add at least two tablespoons of Invocation salt to bath water. You can easily add more (max. half a cup), but this quantity (2 tablespoons) is sufficient to benefit from its relaxing and purifying effects.

[1] As for the claim that Brittany’s salt makes you intelligent, this is because salt has an important regulatory function, critical for the transmission of signals by nerve cells. When salt is present in sufficient quantities in the body, it ensures mineral balance and the proper transmission of electrical impulses between the brain and the rest of the body. So the brain can function optimally!


Blue Eagle


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