Since the launch of what was initially called Liquide Smudge, Chiiyaam, an all-natural vibratory aromatherapy energy perfume, we’ve received many testimonials. The variety of effects and uses that users have told us about is astonishing. In this article, I explain why, based on a testimonial we received that included a question in the blog comments two weeks ago.

We are on the verge of a major evolutionary phase in human history. As this product belongs to the category of products that involve spiritual energies and highly advanced production methods, I’m convinced that it is one of the keys, along with the other shamanic fragrances we’ve created, that will facilitate our creating of the new earth. Here’s the testimonial:

Hello Blue Eagle,

Thanks to Chiiyaam, I had a rather powerful experience, where for about 1 h 30, I was immersed in a state of love, where I felt the plants acting on certain energy centers and then several days where I felt fully centered, aligned, aware of my wounds. Since then, I’ve bought Chiiyaam, and it works gently on me, bringing me back into this state of centeredness. I don’t see this kind of reaction in the various testimonials about Chiiyaam, and the people around me don’t react in this way. I wanted to know if you’d ever heard of such a powerful action from your composition? In any case, I’d like to thank you very much for developing such a fragrance. Thank you for your feedback. Yours sincerely, Céline

Wonderful!  Very happy for you, Céline.  Indeed, the crystalline nature of the liquid in our perfumes amplifies the user’s intentions. Encoding with our specific shamanic rituals gives the liquid a crystalline molecular structure. This is an important aspect, and all users should take care to set precise intentions when spraying all our fragrances, as they are all encoded with specific intentions and all have a crystalline structure. So, in my opinion, you already had the intention within you to reach the ecstatic states that are the hallmark of those who are touched by spirit.  Each person’s experience is different, because shamanic encoding makes this possible.  One of the intentions behind the encoding of each fragrance is to respectfully align with the person.

It is the uniqueness of the shamanic encoding and the care given to the olfactory structure of our fragrances, an artistic and spiritual approach, that gives them their effectiveness.  They are unique in the world thanks to these different aspects of their conception and production.  The olfactory composition, inspired by the century-old traditions of French perfumery, sets us apart from other aromatherapy products. In fact, it’s a work of olfactory art that unfolds over time. First the top note, then the heart note, and for a long time the base notes. There are a minimum of 16 essences (essential oils, absolutes and extracts) in each fragrance. Our GRÂCES women’s fragrance has 40! Also, it’s handmade with a special energy, even the bottling, as the human aspect is important as it influences the energy that surrounds the liquid. Too many of our products, even food, are entirely prepared by machines, from the ground up to our grocery bags. So, for those of us who aim for spiritual energy, a high vibratory frequency and optimal quality, it’s important to do everything possible by human beings rather than by machinery. This of course influences the price of our perfumes.

Yesterday, a new testimonial: a cat who takes a keen interest in and licks the spot on the skin where ASCHIIY – TERRE perfume has just been sprayed. It’s something I’ve noticed from the start that unlike most fragrances, which animals disdain and flee from, ours often attract them. I’ve received many testimonials to this effect. Animals are good indicators of healthy, benevolent energy, because they always follow their original instructions.

Another subject that has been important to me in recent weeks is the accelerated phase of evolution on our beautiful planet[1]. I encourage you, dear readers, to send me your questions and what you’d most like to see and read on my blog. We’re in a time of transition, emerging from millennia of illusions and misinformation. We’ve just crossed over to the other side of the veil, so the path ahead is bright and full of love.  As someone who chose at a very young age not to conform to the erroneous dictates of the environment and the education system, and who actively sought eternal truths, I have a vision that may be useful. Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions, especially about vibrational fragrances, mystical music, the teachings on  and our destiny as humanity.

Joy and Light on your days, Peace and Love on your nights, may life be healthy and ecstatic for you and yours.

[1] If you interested in learning more about the transition through the veil we experienced this week, have a look at this 2 hour video:


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