Cristal du Sosltice d’Hiver

Like every Saturday, the words flow like a river, without me having to search for what to share with my blog followers. As yesterday we brought out the Winter Solstice Crystal, which is unveiled only once a year, much belatedly this time, but in beautiful energies, I’ll be able to share what I’ve seen in it for the coming year.

But before I do, it’s important to share a piece of information that is crucial to our health. Pollution by synthetic molecules, in the water, in the air and food, is inevitable. Everything, really everything is contaminated today! Not to mention electromagnetic pollution… To maintain optimal health, and longevity, which in my opinion is important if we are to achieve a major evolution during our incarnation on this planet, which is particularly evolutionary for the soul, we need to purify, purify, purify constantly, every day.

One of the tools I use several times a day is the Chiiyaam energy purifier. This essence came to me when search of an alternative to the sacred herbal smoke purification used by our native nations. In hospitals, when treating Native Americans, I couldn’t burn these herbs. After several years of research and experimentation, I offered through Invocation Canada this liquid smudge, our team’s first all-natural perfume. By spraying on the palms of hands and bringing the hands around you, any discordant energy not attuned to you is immediately cancelled and purified. This vibratory fragrance contains 16 plants in the form of essential oils, 2 absolutes and our proprietary sweetgrass extract. 10 of these plants have antiviral properties! I carry a small bottle in my pocket and in public places, if I touch doors and objects used by a lot of people, I purify my hands with this fragrance. Whenever I feel a difficult emotion, I purify my aura with Chiiyaam. Before every meditation and ceremony, before making love, before our meetings, before a consultation, etc. you can see I think, the importance and usefulness of my first shamanic perfume. Yes, shamanic, because all our perfumes are encoded with the rituals I developed during my research. That’s why they’re so effective!

On the physical level, it’s important to begin chelating heavy metals, the most harmful of pollutants. I really must insist on this, as contamination is inevitable today. They’re everywhere! Clay taken internally is essential. There are also other products like activated charcoal. It’s essential to eat organic food, with a predominance of raw vegetables, sprouts and shoots. The supplements that everyone needs today are digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin B12.

On an emotional level, you really need to understand that your greatest wealth is your relationships. Family, friends, good relationships in the workplace- nothing is more precious. Money and power cannot, and never will, provide you with true, honest, loving relationships. This is the true richness of being. You have to take the time.

Mentally, you have to feed your brain. I know a lot of products, but I don’t want to go into too much detail here, because it becomes too commercial for this media. I meet people online to advise them on the path to health. But here it’s enough to understand that you really need to nourish the brain with food and supplements, because the brain really takes a beating from from synthetic molecules, heavy metals and electromagnetic pollution.

On a spiritual level, the fundamental practice is to show our gratitude for life on a daily basis, through offerings and prayers.

Finally, never consider nature to be dirty. Don’t be afraid to roll around in muddy streams and eat dirt off freshly harvested vegetables. The immune system must always be stimulated to work at its peak. But filth in the home can present problems. You need to keep your environment clean, and ultra-clean if you keep pets. In addition to pets, an anti-parasitic herbal cleanse for yourself once a year is good for everyone. For those who keep pets, twice a year! For fungi, mold and mildew, which can lodge in places you can’t see, such as air ducts, you need to use essential oils. For this purpose, we’ve developed a Chiiyaam for diffusers that contains the pure essential oils that are suitable for this cleansing.

My goodness, I’ve maxed out the length of this article and I didn’t get to tell you about the crystal! So, I guess that’ll be for next Saturday.

Love, Peace and Joy to each and every one of you!

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