Every person has allies, in each of the kingdoms present on the planet: mineral, plant, animal and human. We’re talking here about the spirit of a living being, in the sense given to it by Plato when he spoke of the archetypes, i.e. the luminous thought-form that constitutes the essence of a being. In the indigenous world view, there are several dimensions and worlds, but in particular Ungawi, the world of ideal form. It is in this world that the spirit, the archetype, the thought-form of all things resides. Everything that exists on earth also exists in its perfect, luminous, non-material form in Ungawi. It is in fact the reflection of this essence that is visible on earth, which is in total only a partial aspect in a particular moment of the whole spirit of the being that is resplendent in all its perfection in Ungawi.

There’s the red fox we see on earth, but there’s also the spirit of the red fox that presides over the creation of all red foxes in North America and elsewhere. When a person speaks with animals – and it’s well known among First Nations that some people have the gift of speaking and hearing animals – the fox will tell us what’s going on in his forest and in his family. If we speak to the spirit of the Red Fox, it will give us teachings that are specific to the lives and qualities of all Foxes.

Native people on every continent attach great importance to the spirit world, which creates, underpins and influences all of nature. So, when a person perceives affinities with a particular species, it becomes what we call a totem. It’s an ally, a protective and supportive presence that inspires, guides and advises in everyday life. Hence the importance of the totems of the different kingdoms in the lives of all those who follow the shamanic path.

Those of the animal kingdom are more important than the other kingdoms as totems, as they are closer to us biologically than the plant and mineral kingdoms. They are more aligned with the will of the Great Mystery than the human kingdom. Because of man’s free will, he can go astray and take paths that are contrary to the Creator’s primordial instructions. Animals, on the other hand, always remain faithful to the Creator’s instructions. They do exactly what He/She expects of them, and are in perfect harmony with the nature and reality of this world that the natives call “Mother Earth”. So, it’s very beneficial to know your totem animals. It enriches our understanding of the world and its innumerable interrelationships, as well as our own internal psychology or identity as Humans within the world.

Love and Light

Luke Blue Eagle

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