Philosophical considerations on health and illness.

A philosophy of health is needed today to counter the progressive deterioration in the health of living organisms on a planetary scale. .

This degradation is evident in the meteoric rise in the number of diseases, pandemics and the disappearance of so many living species of flora and fauna. We are witnessing galloping pollution of the entire planet by synthetic molecules, a pernicious action that extends right down to the DNA of the human genome. This is happening in a context where the influence of multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical organizations on our governments is imposing laws and regulations that limit the use of treatments other than those that are costly, chemical and interventionist. These organizations distort the information transmitted by the media, polluting our understanding of the situation, information necessary to find enlightened and intelligent solutions.

I realized all this when I was very young. Afflicted with an illness that led many doctors to say that I would probably be dead before the age of 11, I realized at the age of 8 that doctors were not trying to heal me, but were actually making me dependent on their medication and treatments. In my anger, I smashed with a hammer the medication pump prescribed to me. It wasn’t enough to eliminate my health problems, but it was decisive in my search for solutions.

Thus, my quest for health goes back to my earliest years. Over time I came to understand that it was more than just remedies for the body, heart and mind that needed to be found, but that in fact health is a concern that is family, community, national and planetary levels. The problem of health is not limited to obtaining effective remedies or protocols against disease, but is a fundamental problem of the societies and civilizations in which we have evolved over the last 12,000 years.

For the past 4 years, I’ve been thinking in particular about how we’re going to free ourselves from the evil tentacles of globalist medical and pharmaceutical organizations. We live in societies that are influenced by lies and deceit. Those who denounce this situation, and those with highly effective treatments, are systematically persecuted by the law and the media. How are we going to demonstrate the freedom to practise natural and alternative health care in complete tranquility? The answer for me today is to propose a holistic, universal and philosophical reflection that can awaken the consciousness of those who can transform the situation.

So, I resolve to start a project that will probably take me years to complete. In addition to an overview of modern and ancient means of healing and care, I will explore humanistic, universal and evolutionary perspectives on what health means for us and for life in general. In so doing, I hope to offer a philosophy that can guide future generations. What I can bring to the table that others haven’t, because this kind of work has already been documented by many writers, is the shamanic, aboriginal, indigenous perspective. . . There’s already a start of this in my book THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE.

I wanted to share my decision with you as we approach the year 2024. It’s a work that will be the fruit of a lifetime of research and reflection.

I’ll be offering my New Year’s message on Monday.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Know that you have mine, which extend across our beautiful planet. We are united in the light of spirit and soul. Knowing that always the light of truth is triumphant, I wish you: Serenity, Courage, Joy, Light, Peace, and much Love .

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