THE HERON AND THE CRANE – totem animals and christmas season wishes

I’ve written a lot about the generalities related to totem animals over the past few weeks, and I’ve also helped a number of people discover their allies in the animal kingdom. (. (If you’re interested in this too, write to me.) So, one question that has come up several times is how to activate the totem’s presence and energy? A simple thought and an inner call to them is enough. Or wearing a symbol on your clothes, a piece of jewelry or a tattoo can also activate this energy. There are many subtleties here that I can’t quickly describe, because it’s been a lifetime’s work. I received a request to talk about the crane, and I realized that I hadn’t yet mentioned this totem with which I’ve had many encounters, both in nature and in my meditations. So here it is!

In the totemic spirit, these two birds, the heron and the crane, although taxonomically of different genera and families, are very similar. The crane is more refined in its behavior and varied in its diet (omnivorous), but is more fragile, and most crane species have been affected by human activities and are at least classified as threatened, if not critically endangered. The crane has impressed many cultures with its elaborate mating dances. Cranes are generally monogamous. In Asia, the crane is associated with longevity, and its movements have been adapted for the martial arts.

Grues en Danse d’accouplement – Crane mating danse – Photo by Birger Strahl on

The heron is slightly smaller and exclusively carnivorous, feeding mainly on fish. Its association with water makes it a symbol of purification. Its ability to stand on one leg for hours on end makes it a model of balance.   It has an intense community life, except when feeding. Herons can change mating partners every year. They often make their nests on land near water, and their slow hunting walk is very inspiring from an conscious awareness perspective, both feet on the ground as they carefully and accurately examine the world before them.

Heron – Photo by Mohamed Shaffaf on

There’s a powerful feminine energy in both bird families. As such, they are associated with life in its fullness. They symbolize renewal, rejuvenation and rebirth. They also symbolize purification, which is the process associated with and necessary to any journey towards longevity. All animals have a telepathic link with other members of their species, but herons are even more telepathic. As a result, their cries are not as elaborate as those of other bird families, because they need this mode of communication less.

Telepathic communication, their relationship with water and their life in the three elements (water, air and earth) mean that these birds have a powerful mystical energy. Those with this totem can more easily travel between different dimensions of consciousness. They have the ability to transmute negative energies and anchor the good in daily life. Their contributions to any work environment are highly beneficial, as they discern partners’ hidden agendas and know how to reveal them, thus protecting those around them. Herons feed their young by regurgitation. This symbolizes the capacity for transmutation and, once again, purification. Heron people are very good communicators, able to express themselves clearly, but at the same time quite discreet and non-intrusive in their behavior. They adapt easily to all kinds of work, social and family environments, as they are well-balanced. Their emotions are calmer and their intuition more developed. Their minds are clear, but calm, cautious and undemonstrative. Their spiritual life is intense, and they are often role models who can positively inspire others by their mere presence, without the need to speak.

Call on the heron and crane to clear up any karmic knots on your path. They bring them to light and give access to the understanding of time. Time is in fact a form of illusion if we make it appear linear from past to future. In fact, all past and future reside eternally in the present moment. Time is circular, moving in spirals. And in the end, time doesn’t exist. This is one of the messages the heron gives me on this Saturday morning.

Love, Joy, Peace and Light to one and all in these days of family festivities. Be blessed and enjoy your families and friends. Our relationships are our greatest wealth and the most powerful energy for longevity. May the force and harmony be with you . Family and friends be happy together. Love and Harmony to all.

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  1. Thank you, it’s been a while since I had my Totem Heron’s characteristics explained. A great reminder for me, warms my heart 🙂


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