As winter arrives in my beautiful country, I’ve been reflecting on how these shorter days of the snow and ice season lead to introspection and connection with the soul.

One thing I’ve often found is that all the answers we need are in nature.  There are no lies or half-truths in nature. Everything, absolutely everything in nature reflects reality, truth, universal laws, everything we need to understand life and evolve to our fullest potential.

There comes a time when we must hibernate. There comes a time in life when we must, like the earth, burrow under a white blanket of snow and go into the subtle regions of the soul that are not always accessible when we are in our daily activities. This access isn’t even possible in meditation, because access to reality is often tainted by our conditioned thoughts. Dreams, journeys into the subtle worlds, pilgrimages of the soul into the light of spirit, are essential.  We don’t always bring back the conscious memory of these journeys into the waking days of everyday life.  But that’s not necessary. The soul remembers everything.  If it doesn’t give you the memory, it’s because it’s not useful or necessary. But rest, a break from the daily grind and the incessant activity of modern life, that’s essential.

We are eternal. The soul will never know death. There are human bodies today that have experienced the divorce of the soul, that is to say that certain people that I see, particularly the leaders of Western countries and the Georges Soros of this world, no longer have a soul, or rather that the connection with their soul has been severed.  To give primacy to money, power, material, work, social conventions, laws and regulations, the structure of society, the instructions and methods of the medical industry, and the aims of this modern global civilization that destroys nature and seeks to control and enslave human beings to the system, no better way to lead the soul astray into illusions and falsehoods that gradually sever our connection with our immortal being.  It’s always possible to reconnect with our essence, and that’s what the stillness of winter silence invites us to do.

In the Canadian winter, many animals sleep for long periods and go into hibernation.  In fact, as is taught in many health systems in various cultures, we can cut back on sleep during the long days of summer, but sleep deprivation during the short days of winter can take its toll on our health.

We will return, willingly or not, to the teachings and wisdom of nature. That’s why the heritage of indigenous peoples is so important.  Those who lived simply in the bosom of nature, with only the tools made by their own hands, had a health and wisdom far superior to what we see today in our modern societies.  What’s important to understand is that the natural world around us, which extends to the distant galaxies, reflects the laws, wisdoms and basic information we need for maximum development of our health, love life, right community relationships, correct thinking and philosophy and the needs of the soul.

If you’d like to pursue this line of thought, I suggest my book THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE.

I wish you a wonderful rest, good introspection, deep sleep and several days of retreat from your daily activities in this beautiful season when the sun will create rainbow sparks on the snow.

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  1. Hello, Luke Blue Eagle. This is a lovely post, a wonderful follow-up to your interview given on the 2023 “Tap Into The Unseen Realms”. I enjoyed listening to you and your words of wisdom and truth that are SO needed in today’s world. Thank You! Many Blessings to you as you continue your work on The Red Road.


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