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The most important practice for our ongoing evolution as individuals is purification. As we climb the evolutionary ladder, we encounter stiff resistance from society and “civilizationnary” constructs that are all firmly entrenched in a materialistic, pseudo-scientific mindset. As spiritual energies are far beyond the abilities of modern science’s investigations, and will to do so, the most advanced shamanic and spiritual attainments manifested as extrasensory powers and abilities are refuted and dismissed as myths and fantasies. Yet, empirical data has validated these extraordinary occurrences constantly for millennia! What is wrong with our current world view?

The same is true of our health. The most important step in maximizing and reaching optimal health resides in purification. Our bodies know how to heal. What is preventing them from manifesting the longevity described in the ancient texts and spiritual traditions of the world is the gradual and very toxic accumulation of pollutants, synthetic molecules, nano particulates and excess nutritional substances. Cancer and degenerative diseases, that did not exist in the post-industrial civilization era we live in, come from the widespread pollution of our biosphere and food chain by a host of chemicals and synthetic molecules that our bodies have no way of eliminating. The description of the people that are called immortals in many cultures and traditions around the world speak of the ongoing purification techniques these individuals practise on a daily basis. The lies that are served by modern media that life expectancy is on the rise is an illusion easily dispelled by ascertaining the proliferation of the ever-increasing pathologies and pandemics afflicting mankind.

It needs to be understood that our core being, the core spiritual and physical being (as we too often separate the two but in essence, they are one), is pure and perfect. What comes from pollutants, chemicals or excess food on a physical level, or emotional trauma, educational premises where love is absent (as most schools today) false light, erroneous, dogmatic, religious teachings, plus the distorted pseudoscience that’s now proposed as the new religion, and many other deviant and degenerate mindsets such as wokism, are all submerging our divine beings with various polluting influences that are hindering our ability to manifest the optimal, mystical, supreme manifestation of our angelic selves. The demonic, satanic organizations that have infected our governments, aided by external influences that are not from this planet but belong to beings without the creative, life-giving soul identity proper to Humankind, are purposely seeking to reduce us to mindless slaves in a corrupt and illogical system governed by technology. Illogical as it is polluting and destroying what gives us life, beauty, happiness and health. That is nature, manifested on the pristine and perfect biosphere, our planet, named Mother Earth by indigenous communities worldwide.

The indigenous, shamanic spirituality that is common to all first nations across all continents of the world does have the methods and universal principles that can allow us to purify that which is hindering our health and ability to spiritually evolve. It needs to be understood that both the physical and the spiritual must go hand in hand. Good health makes for a clear mind. A clear mind allows for spiritual practice and evolution. Our ongoing spiritual evolution, unique to humankind on this planet, is the reason why we incarnate, thus is the ultimate and most important motivation that should underlie all our endeavours. Love, happiness, peace, respect, health, harmony, joy, . . . Allow us to teach what emanates from this path, to show the way. Persecution has been our lot for centuries and is ongoing…. Yet, we hold the keys to our purification, the most basic and fundamental practices that need to be implemented as our daily goals, on both the spiritual and physical levels. The conditions that emanate from these practices when applied to our families, friends and communities are: love, happiness, peace, respect, health, harmony, ecstasy, bliss and pure joy that needs no object but exists spontaneously always, for eternity. You can find this within yourself. . . In fact, it’s never left you. But it’s covered with many layers and pollutants that need to be purified.

What we need today, individually and collectively, are effective purification practices.

P.S. —On an energy level, I’ve created a liquid smudge called Chiiyaam. Spray this all-natural shamanic fragrance on your hands and then bring your hands, palms towards the body, all around you, through the energy field, what’s also called the electromagnetic field or aura. You will feel a general uplifting, more energy, more active awareness and a calmness coming from the powerful purification this perfume offers.


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