For a long time, I thought all those talks and texts about the ascension that was supposedly coming in these years of transition were just the flights of fancy of those who saw the world through rose-colored glasses, wanting to escape the reality of the current world. One day I was in deep meditation, standing still in my garden on my family domain, and I saw the new earth. All I had to do was take one step, and I’d change dimensions. It was there, in front of me, and without leaving this beautiful land, I was changing universes.

Since then, I’ve listened to and shared with evolved beings on the path, guides, spiritual teachers and evolved spirits, and the same message comes back with regularity. We are on the threshold of a new earth and a renewed humanity. We’re not changing worlds, we’re not going to a hypothetical luminous dimension elsewhere, no, we’re staying on planet earth. What is changing is our way of life. This begins with the destruction of this evil system, the definitive end of the deep state that has taken root in our governments. It’s the end of the hegemony of the medical industry and the grip of pharmaceuticals on our health. It’s the end of corrupt civil servants and media that serve the degenerate elites with innumerable lies and injustices. Ascension is the return to eternal nature, the perpetual beauty of the universal laws we see on the most holy and beautiful Mother Earth, the unity of our communities on the living soil. The earth in all its splendor becomes the inheritance of the sons and daughters of Great Spirit, the creative and divine beings who manifest paradise on earth, that is, our angelic, conscious and awakened humanity.

I’ve already mentioned the bifurcation. That’s what we’re seeing today. There are those who have chosen blindness, submission to the system, who accept to be injected with the venoms and poisons of pharmaceuticals. Those who have lost their souls by kowtowing to governments manipulated by satanic and demonic forces and powers. It’s those who listen to the honeyed messages of the reptilian and draconian hybrids who now flaunt themselves freely in the corridors of power, the WHO, GAVI, UN, FMM which exists thanks to their empire of lies. On the other side we have the humble people, the meek who will inherit the earth, the courageous activists who have denounced injustice, genocide, abuse and lies, the small farmers and cultivators who have sought to preserve their family farms, the shamans, yogis, meditators, spiritualists who have chosen the path of the soul rather than that of money, in short, you see where I’m coming from with this notion of bifurcation. This is the price of transition. Today, we have to decide between fear and love, between the system and our humanity, between becoming a vaccinated cyborg or living in harmony with nature.

The changes are coming very soon. We’re not talking decades here, but rather a few months. The transition won’t be easy but necessary. If you have savings, don’t leave them in banks, or even in gold or silver. These values are illusory. The only investments that have longevity are arable land, where you can grow vegetables and fruit, and where there’s water, whether above or below ground. Ideally, a community of family domains. Failing that, keep bottled water (in glass bottles) and food that can be stored for a long time. Be prepared.

During the covid years, I stopped writing. I lost hope. I was devastated, appalled that people had accepted the illusion, this pantomime of the pandemic, this covidiotie, and millions went to get injected with the most dreadful poisons imaginable! Terrible venoms that to this day have caused millions of deaths and countless handicaps of all kinds. I’ve seen the separation of the soul from the body, the loss of morality and the state of being human. But over time I realized that many people had awakened, seen the depth and breadth of the lies, refused the injections, and that this movement had taken on a scale I can’t even mention here! It’s too big to talk about at this stage. But it’s coming. The new world is just around the corner. The new earth, our renewed humanity is ringing a great bell to invite us to paradise. Ascension, reaching the next phase of humanity’s evolution, that ultimate march towards our fulfillment as soulful creators of universes, is here, now.

To all, Joy, Light, Love and Peace.

P.S. -Yes, I’ve started working again. My team has asked me to mention a service I offer, which consists in helping people discover their totem animal. It’s in demand right now, as it’s a great way to reconnect with your fundamental nature. So, you can write me an e-mail, and the blog comments are moderated, so if needed they remain confidential.


  1. I would like to know where in the United States there are these communities of family domains so that I may find one and participate in this way of life.

    • There are social medias links for this and people talking about this online. I’ve seen a few but I’m not a web person, I don’t go there so you’ll have to search by yourself. Use the words Anastasia, Anastasia from the Siberian Taiga , Ringing Cedars Series , Vladimir Megre, are some key words to start with.


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