(I’m reposting here one of the most important articles on my blog. This is what I consider to be my life mission, what I’ve been thinking about and striving for since a very young age, namely life in fullness and an intelligent, logical way of life. I had seen at the age of 5 that humanity had lost this. So, in a short and succinct form, here’s what I consider to be the best solution to our civilizational problems. For more details, see my book The Philosophy of Nature).

There’s one thing we can almost all agree on: today’s ecological, geopolitical and social problems are enormous, and threaten the health and future not only of humankind, but of all life on earth.

We need a global solution that addresses all the problems we face. There are too many problems right now for advocacy of any one cause to have a long-term beneficial effect on the future of humanity. We need to consider a solution that enables everyone, every family, to protect the earth. Mother Earth, or nature, is the source of everything we need. I think we can all agree that the future of our children and our children’s children is the most important goal we can set ourselves. Such a consensus could make it possible for everyone to want to unite in the same goal, beyond any religious, national or political considerations. To achieve this, we need a global solution that is economically viable, healthy, ecological, sustainable and enjoyable.

There is a solution that meets all these needs. It’s called the family domain. It’s a simple solution, on a human scale, economically viable, pleasant, healthy and achievable by all families if we help each other out a little. Let every family own a hectare of land and work on it to plant gardens to feed themselves, and suddenly the whole international infrastructure of industrial agriculture becomes unnecessary. In this way, the earth is spared the enormous expense of oil, electricity, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other poisons and sources of pollution. World hunger no longer exists, because money is no longer needed to feed ourselves; the land we live on provides us with our food. It has been proven countless times that one hectare of land can feed a family well into eternity. It has been proven that land cultivated with biodiversity is healthier and produces much more food, up to 10 times more than land cultivated industrially in monocultures. It’s proven that food produced by human beings versus machines is much healthier, tastier and more conducive to good health. The earth, in fact, can produce everything we need. Just as in the past, a small village of farmers can produce ecological building materials, organic clothing and food in abundance!

Let’s identify what all human beings need to live healthy lives: pure water, clean air, good healthy food, sunshine, exercise, love, leisure, rest and restorative sleep. A land where people live on family domains fills all these needs for eternity. It also requires freedom and peace. It’s a proven fact that a simple life in the midst of nature leads to a better development of human aptitudes, such as a better memory, more physical strength, better health, a more relaxed and less stressful life, more time for love, fraternal exchanges, sharing, more time for the arts, music, dance, philosophy, reflection and interiority. And healthier, smarter human beings as a result!

One of the things most people realize today is that our current way of life is illogical, and that the decisions taken by governments and large corporations are not beneficial to the people, but to a depraved elite with obscene amounts of financial means. It’s as if we’ve lost our freedom, which has been put in the hands of people who have altered intelligence. Indeed, just because they have a lot of money or power doesn’t mean they’re any happier, wiser or healthier. On the contrary, I’ve noticed that the more power or material possessions a person has, the more they seem to be trapped by them, unable to detach themselves from them and forced to make enormous personal sacrifices to keep their money and power.

The current system, in the hands of people effectively handicapped by their wealth and power, is destroying the earth at a frightening pace. No one seems able to stop this frantic race to the death. Everything is polluted today: the air, the nuclear fire, the earth, even the oceans are contaminated by an appalling quantity of petroleum products and plastics that do not degrade. This is not a way of life that is intelligent, that is rational, that leads to health and happiness. Most people are slaves to a work schedule that leaves only scraps for the family, in a stressful and polluted environment, and yet persist in thinking that we’re living in an era of progress! Man’s intelligence seems to have vanished.

If we lived on a family domain, life would be simple and follow the rhythm of day, night and season. Nature’s biodiversity always produces far more than is required of it. Trees call for rain, and deserts can be converted into oases without any limits. It has been proven time and again that people living in the midst of nature can find solutions to all environmental problems. We simply need to give them the freedom to consider them, and to talk to other people in their environment who have the same problems. Man’s intelligence is infinite, but in order to unfold, it must respect the laws of the earth and of life. These laws are not those of governments, nor those of current science used to promote earth-destroying technologes, but those of common sense.  (For definitions and more on common sense, see my book The Philosophy of Nature).

Technology really isn’t necessary! It’s possible to farm the land with very few tools. Man was originally perfectly adapted to life on earth. Technology acts like a prosthesis or orthosis, crutches that unduly facilitate certain actions by atrophying the muscles and natural abilities Man had to perform these same actions naturally. Today, technology that is put at the service of family domains becomes constructive, and also temporary. We’ll quickly relearn what comes naturally, at a lower cost to the environment and our precious time, to live healthy, stress-free lives!

The so-called education of this system has induced us with false images and erroneous data. For example, by telling us that cavemen, our so-called ancestors, had a difficult and dangerous life. This is not the case. Some scientists describe cavemen as carnivores who had to kill animals for protection and sustenance. If this were true, would we have dentition that is not at all that of a carnivore, but rather that of an herbivore, and would we have a digestive system specifically organized to extract nutrients from plants and which produces putrefaction when it has to digest animal proteins? (Carnivores have a straight-line digestive system, like the snake, because any animal protein quickly produces putrefaction and therefore has to be eliminated quickly, quite the opposite of the human digestive system).  It’s all about having a modicum of common sense and looking at life with intelligence, taking the time to reflect and think with discrimination, independently. The lies of technocratic societies are designed to keep us ignorant and enslaved. A life on a family domain offers a great deal of freedom, because there are many ways to grow your own food and meet your own needs, with a minimum of work.

The homestead solution is smart, practical and achievable by any family with a little help from others. It’s gaining in popularity all over the world. One of the world’s largest countries is now well advanced in the implementation of family domains and city gardens. The principles set out below have been enshrined in law, with the aim of giving land to families wishing to participate in building their family domains. And many of them are already doing so.

The basic principles of the family domain are as follows:

  1. The estate must comprise a minimum of 1 hectare and rarely exceed 2 hectares unless for production of livestock for many families.
  2. It must be owned outright by the family, and not by any legal or institutional structure.
  3. The property must be exempt from seizure, not subject to sale outside the family and only transferable within the family by inheritance.
  4. The land and dwelling on the estate must be non-taxable. Products and services generated by the family from the estate are also non-taxable.
  5. Family domains in the same geographical location are free to organize themselves together. Their actions and management of common lands and facilities must be free of taxes.

It’s simple and achievable. As far as the state is concerned, contrary to what one might think, the revenues of governments and the people would increase. Indeed, the most efficient and essential products for all human beings, with a quality well beyond today’s organic production, would be generated in great abundance by family domains: food, natural fibers and healthy, non-polluting building materials. These self-sufficient families would then want to share and exchange them with others. It will then be very easy for these eco-villages to organize exchange and sharing events and distribution channels, since all the products and services of the family domains are tax-free, and thus freed from cumbersome and costly bureaucracy. Over time, the government gains from the sale of these products, distributing them locally, regionally and internationally. The government will spend much less on welfare and social services, because the communities will be able to meet all their needs. They’ll already be in much better health! Because nature always gives us everything we need. It’s just a question of reacquiring the ancestral knowledge our forebears had in abundance!

Even if current structures temporarily limit the full realization of family domains, solutions can be found. In fact, if we reflect a little, we’ll see that all our problems can be solved by family domains. In the beginning there will be pioneers and pilot projects. When other families see the joy, health, skills and intelligence of those who inhabit family domains, they will want to do the same. [1]

At first, we’ll need technology to help us. But as the children of our domains adapt to nature, these technologies will be less and less necessary, as the natural abilities of Man will return and our children will be stronger, more balanced, healthier and smarter, and their children even more so. In this way, they will find solutions to all our modern problems.


For example, one of the biggest modern problems is radioactive waste from the nuclear industry. A person who has lived all his life on a family domain (family domains already exist and always have) has found the solution to nuclear waste storage. It involves wrapping a small piece of radioactive residue in lead, which effectively stops its radiation, and burying it at a depth of 10 feet – about 3 meters. No more than one per hectare, so only one per family domain. In this way, nuclear waste can be redistributed evenly and non-toxically throughout family domains all over the world. Problem solved, if we live in family domains.[2]

War, for example! What need is there for a group of people to seek from their neighbor what they already have in abundance at home? War would cease to exist if people lived on family domains. For there would be no reason and no motivation to leave a place where we are masters and free, happy and healthy, to go and bring misery and suffering to our neighbor and sow the seeds of recidivism at home! The technique exists to get plants growing on a family domain to serve the family’s needs after just a few years of cultivation. These plants have a healing influence on the family living there. As a result, our vegetables and fruit, those that grow on our estate, taste so much better! And they’re in tune with the needs of our organisms and those of our immediate family. They truly illustrate Hippocrates’ axiom: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” So, in such circumstances, who would want to take the war to the neighbor or far away?

This global solution was created by a person I consider to be one of the most evolved and intelligent people on earth.  I wrote about her HERE.  I’ve been looking for solutions to our civilizational problems for a very long time. I had already understood most of what this woman put forward.  But I was missing a few key elements that I found with her and the confirmation of what I had already understood.  This article here, the global solution, contains the essentials – a synthesis and brief description of what the family domain can offer our conscious, loving humanity[3].

[1] A current study has found that there is enough land for the current world population for all families. The notion of over population is a myth generated by the deep state to justify certain atrocious policies that are currently being enacted.
[2] Nuclear power’s influence on living organisms is that of cell mutation and disease proliferation. Nuclear power carries the potential for the total annihilation of humanity and all life on the planet. Despite a coalition of 106 nations united to ban nuclear war, the nations that possess this technology arrogantly refuse to discuss the possibility of nuclear disarmament! 40% of Europe is already heavily contaminated and, according to some experts, should be deemed uninhabitable. The Irish Sea is the most heavily polluted by radioactivity: 33% of aquatic life in this sea has cancerous tumors. Teas produced south of Tokyo cause Geiger counters to react, and many foods produced in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are heavily contaminated. The policies of international organizations make it impossible for nations wishing to limit the purchase of these products to do so. Many rivers in North America, especially near the West Coast, are heavily contaminated with radioactivity. The plutonium used by industry becomes more dangerous over time, as it degrades. Thus, we will have negative health effects from the use of industrial plutonium for many generations. The disasters of certain nuclear power plants illustrate the disastrous long-term effects of radioactivity. After the Chernobyl disaster, all children within a 250-kilometer radius contracted thyroid cancer, the first to appear after exposure to radioactivity. Other problems followed: sterility, neurological disorders, deformities, other forms of cancer, degenerative diseases and so on. The residues from nuclear power plants are unusable by industry and remain highly radioactive for thousands of years. The industry doesn’t know what to do with it, and the residues accumulate. In Fukushima, Japan, since the nuclear power plant disaster, tractors have been picking up millions of kilos of highly contaminated soil and wrapping it in plastic that doesn’t retain radioactivity. They don’t know what to do with it or where to put it.
[3] All my 8 books contain more elements to this understanding.  They were all initially written in French. Only 2 have been translated: The Philosophy of Nature and First Nations Crystal Healing. Awaiting an English publisher for the others.


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