The interpretation of signs and dreams


Great Spirit speaks to us

The Creator, the Great Spirit, the Primordial Intelligence who creates and organises the universe speaks to us. He is in constant communication with us. His language is the one of creation. He speaks neither in French nor in English nor in Innu-Aïmun. It is through the world he created for us that he speaks to us. He is within us, as the most intimate, the actual essence of who we are. It’s that part of us that can understand the messages as they are embedded in the landscapes of the world.

His language is the clearest and the most truthful of all: he is directly at the heart of nature itself since all the natural elements answer his will. The signs can also be read in the human world but it is more difficult and they can easily be deceiving. They are however there, and ours to read. For example, the day of my wife’s accident, as I found a missing sock, I understood that she was going to find an aspect of herself into which she was going to be able to slide back into, thanks to the accident. This is precisely what happened.

How to understand signs

However, how can we recognise an event as being a sign? Just as in the joke we often make, when amusing events happen, announcing with a straight face “It’s a sign!” before laughing. As it is, all events are not signs. Otherwise every bird in flight, each flower and each tree swaying in the wind would throw us into never-ending questioning.

What indicates that an event is talking to us is the emotion. When an event is calling out to us, if we feel within ourselves something stirring; that’s an indication that it’s a sign. If we master the understanding of signs, its signification is immediately obvious. In fact, its meaning resides in the emotions itself and not in the event happening. The event is only the path leading us to the understanding which is within.

Who can read signs

It is impossible to read signs for others. How many times have I received messages from people who had experienced special events and asked what they mean? How would I know? I didn’t experience the emotion that came with the event. The meaning of the sign lies in the emotion you experienced. It is there, within the emotion, that the interpretation can be found, as well as in its relation with the symbol that lies in the event itself. The missing sock holds meaning for me in my living experience, which it hasn’t for you. Each person has his own symbolism, linked to his life and life experience. There is no need to turn to someone else in order to understand your own dialog with Great Spirit. Look within yourself, that’s where it’s happening.

The Great Book of Life

There exists also a deeper language, inscribed in all living creatures and in nature itself. Such inscriptions read like a book, its symbols being the letters that give meaning to life and creation. Each family writes in the world a page of that great book of life, as it creates and develops its own family domain, its haven of peace and happiness with its trees, gardens and landscapes. Such writing gets passed down through family as children inherit the domains of their parents. The most spiritual science of all is learning to read and write in that book. We are quietly starting to write in that sacred book again, inducing happiness as important as the universe it describes.

The interpretation of dreams

Dreams speak to us in a symbolic language. Each element of the dream usually refers to a specific aspect within us. The origin of our dreams lies in our unconscious, that part of us attached to The Greater Whole which seems less attainable when we are awake. Our understanding is veiled by social conditioning when awake. Sometimes, the veils tear away in the great relaxation that comes with sleep and the truth is revealed to us.

The First Nations’ understanding of dreams teaches that there are different dimensions in the dream world and that there are different types of dreams. Some dreams come as direct messages from the spiritual world and these are very vivid. Beginning, progression and end of these dreams leave a very precise memory, as or even more real than day time experiences. Its message is often important for the whole community. This is why in First Nations communities the dreams were told to an elder. He could then help interpret it and evaluate its implications for the community. It was with his help that we decided how the sign must be translated to the other members of our community, either through ceremony, gestures, warnings, suggestions, or simply changing our daily behaviour.

We carry a symbolism that can relate to what Jung called the collective unconscious. That symbolism however is influenced by our experience. There is therefore no better guide to interpret the symbols of our dreams than ourselves.

Here are a few useful suggestions for the interpretation of dreams.

We can write on a sheet of paper all the elements of the dream and then proceed with an automatic writing exercise. Taking the list, we write the first thing that comes to mind next to each one of the symbols. With this as a starting point, we then sort out the memories and images that come up. Then we can start interpreting our dreams.

It is also possible to use a dictionary of symbols. It will however be necessary to adapt this information to our own experience. It is not because information can be found in a book that it is necessarily relevant.

In Indian families, the morning was often time when dreams were told, without trying to interpret them. Telling them out loud, as stories, sheds new light onto the dreams and we remember them better. They are however only told to immediate family, people we can trust with those intimate components of our consciousness.

Writing down our dreams is also an interesting approach with the same goal, which is to bring forth what lies in the unconscious. In effect, it enables the daytime self to receive messages from the Greater Self, itself in relation with the Greater Whole.


Whether they are signs or dreams or finding your totem animal don’t let others interpret them! You are the only one able to read them since they are meant for you and nobody can feel what you are feeling in experiencing signs or dreams. Mankind has been manipulated by dark forces so well that now most people feel helpless and incapable of reading the signs in nature and the messages in dreams. But that’s bs… you are able. I have given you a few tips to help you. I must add that it is important to spend more time alone in nature. It is nature that will help those who have lost confidence in their own wisdom so they may understand the signs sent to them.

Love, Peace and Light!

Luke Blue Eagle

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    • Yah!! This is a very good question and it proves you are understanding what is written here. Congrats are in order !!
      And that the answers are in your heart. So you need to go somewhere healthy and be alone for several days and nights. There, think, pray, contemplate, meditate to anwsser your question.

  1. I had a dream I saw blue eagle flying this eagle was so big his two Vedas look like rainbow and one of his Vedas touches my head l felt strange power inside me but I don’t understand the megs

  2. Dont know if i dreamed last nite atall. Which unusual for me. All i could think is blue eagle contantly going round in my mind. So hoogle surch and sintanly found this page your blog. Just want to say thank you for helping me to understand more clearly


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