The new world wants to manifest itself on this planet. Conscious, divine humanity wants to create the new earth! For millennia, human beings have been formatted with illusions, conditioning, programming and beliefs, so that the system seems to be winning on all fronts. But this is just an illusion: in fact, the light is shining brighter and brighter in the hearts of men and women of conscience. But we still have a long way to go to heal our relationships with each other, eliminate war and be in harmony with the natural world around us.

That’s why those who are working to bring the light of truth to suffering humanity must live a very long time! One of the illusions firmly implanted in today’s world is the inevitability of aging and death. These are further illusions and distortions of the original instructions. Returning to our sovereign divinity, our spiritual sovereignty, is quite a difficult path today, but possible! For the Creator within, nothing is impossible.

A friend of mine, Leonard Orr, now deceased, the creator of Rebirth (a technique for purifying traumatic cellular memories with the breath) did field research on the subject of Immortality. He sought out the so-called Immortals in India and Asia. His basic rule of thumb was that they had to be over 300 years old to qualify. He found eight of them! The oldest was a sage, the guru of an ashram in India. He was over 2000 years old. Well documented, for every day his disciples wrote down his deeds, gestures and words in large books prepared for this purpose, a few sentences with the date of the day on which they were recorded. The large room where they keep his volumes has shelves, from floor to ceiling, filled with these large books. 2000 years, day for day, of this man’s life and teachings. One of my elders from the Cherokee nation told me that she had met a couple of old Native American sages who were over 800 years old. The Bible describes some people that reached venerable ages, 800 years, 900 years. Solomon is reputed to have reached over a thousand years of life. All the world’s great spirituality speak of immortals. The Eight Immortals are an important part of Chinese oral history long before they were recorded in the works of writers from different dynasties, and are at the heart of Taoist traditions. Tibet’s most revered master, Padmasambhava, also known by the honorific title of Guru Rinpoche, the man who brought Buddhism to Tibet, lived for over 2,000 years and in fact never died—he simply moved on to other universes or dimensions. Also, in some nations in pre-colonial America, and in other countries still in their natural state, people live healthy lives even beyond their hundredth year. My Cherokee elders say that in the past, for those who followed the spiritual path of the Bear Clan, the age at which they decided to leave this plane of existence, still in excellent health, still dancing every morning the energy practises, was around 125. There are many other examples of this, but the important thing here is to understand that our Creator, this heavenly Father-Mother who loves us, did not create his children to experience sickness and death. It is we, with our free will, who have created this situation. It is possible to do otherwise.

My elder and mentor, Sun Bear, Vincent Leduc, used to call governments and multinational corporations dinosaurs, since they are destined to disappear. He said: “As long as dinosaurs roam the earth, we can feed on their flesh”. Anastasia, the wise and powerful Siberian recluse, documented in the books by Vladimir Megre, similarly says that it’s perfectly legitimate and necessary to use the tools of the system to transform it.

As long as the system exists, we need to use the non-polluting, efficient tools it offers. Once we’ve returned to a 100% natural way of life, without any polluting technology, in harmony with nature, with a true spirituality that includes nothing but the real thing, then our life expectancy will be a matter of choice, not an inevitable end. Nature in all its beauty, this earthly paradise that is our home and rightful inheritance, will be more than enough for as long a life as we wish. This is the will and desire of Great Spirit for his children. Everything necessary for this has already been created and exists in nature. We’ve been on the wrong track for many millennia, and the path to correcting these errors will take many generations. We need to start recreating paradise today. The more time we have to do this, the greater the impact of our efforts.

That’s why many major breakthroughs in anti-aging and age-reversal sciences and the preservation of optimal health are emerging from all over the world. One example I can speak to: I’ve been using the ASEA redox signalling molecules for over 10 years now. This has enabled me, despite extraordinary challenges and life-threatening setbacks, to continue working for the light. Recently, I’ve been exploring other extraordinary innovations of this kind. It’s a bit complicated, because government institutions in collusion with pharmaceutical corporations try to ban these products. They are not available in all countries. But we will succeed. We will, in time, offer logical, efficient and life sustaining ways to enhance our longevity.

All my health research has made me a specialist in this field. Doctors and the medical industry are specialists in disease, and that’s what keeps them going. That’s why they protect their monopolies with laws, cabals and lobbies, becoming the richest corporations in the world. That’s why they forbid the word “healing”, because all they’re doing is masking the symptoms. The disease must go on, it’s their livelihood, they’re in flagrant conflict of interest! : D. With the result that humanity is afflicted with more and more diseases, cancers, viruses, pandemics, etc. The way forward is not to cure disease, but to understand health and nature of the human soul. For it is the soul that presides over our creation and existence in this world. It is our soul that contains an atom of divine presence that can do anything and everything for us. Let’s look at our infinite potential and help each other create the new earth.

Next week I’ll be talking to you, migrating to video. This is a really big challenge for me, I’m so old-fashioned. 🙂 My team is telling me that it’s the best way to inform you about what I’m doing, because there are a lot of changes happening at the moment. How can I continue to serve you in the best possible way? Seems that going for video is the way…. I’ll try 😊. When I see the young people using 2 thumbs at high speed on their phones, I’m amazed. I got my first computer well into my 40s and it was a big old thing. But I’m getting better and better at all this. Love and Light to all of you. See you soon: D

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