As I connect with the land and the people in Alberta, Canada, I’m reminded why I chose so long ago to uphold and teach the ancient wisdom of our native lands. The nobleness of our striving for peace, cleanliness, purity, honor, truthfulness, wisdom, love, respect for elders and children and our goal of seeking for the highest qualities and abilities that are the hallmark of our evolution as souls incarnating on the most beauteous mother earth, those honorable principles that enhance the life force and give meaning to our lives is what I have been working for.

Very young, so long ago, did I set my path resolutely on that of the ancient ways, the spiritual ways, the red road, the shamanic path of honoring our ancestors and their wisdom. Tradition has its roots in the wisdom of our ancestral elders. For that wisdom to be activated in our communities we need to understand its roots, its foundation. We are to explore the primordial, original source code that is the basis of the traditions that guide us. Comprehension, understanding, those benchmarks of the studious mind need to be placed on the throne of our elevated standards of life, those that guide our families and communities towards health, peace and optimal development.

As the weight of the decades of service becomes heavier, I ponder on how I can continue to serve. I look forward to sharing those decades of learning, practice and ceremony. If the people listen, I will teach what so many years of training and practice has bestowed on this soul. Nature responds very well here; those primordial spirits do answer the call. This is validation that the medicine is good for the land and the people.  Many have had their ears and minds completely shut down by the AI, 5G, censorship of media and conditionings of the governmental, educational institutions. Yet, there is consciousness in the population. Almost everyone I speak to is aware of the situation. Yet not all are aware that wisdom and truth are still there, waiting to be shared, taught and acted upon.

I will continue to hold it all. If the stool, the chair or the bench from which I can share a lifetime of seeking and practicing the truth and wisdom is offered, I will give it all.

Love and Light to all

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