I’ve been searching for truth since childhood. I wanted to understand why humans had strayed so far from the life-giving elements, why humanity was wreaking such destruction on nature and health. Because I’d seen the gardens and the beautiful food brought in by a deer hunter, it was clear to me, even at a very young age, that nature provides food and health, and that the modern way of life creates thousands of diseases. I was very ill at a young age and realized early on that doctors weren’t offering me a cure and healing, but rather a dependency on medication.

Thus, I studied and researched relentlessly from an early age. As soon as I was able to read, and it didn’t take long, after two weeks in the first year of school, I was in the library trying to find out why.

It was at the age of 17, on the first night I left home to study music, that I had my greatest revelation. In a dream, the ancestors told me I was native, that I had indigenous ancestors. This had never been mentioned in the family. Indeed, today I hold my card from the METIS NATION OF CANADA, to which I belong. That life-changing event put everything is a clear light of understanding and coherent mind set.

So, in my early twenties I went on the road to learn from the First Nations of America in Canada and the USA. From that time on, I never stopped learning and practicing the spiritual ways, the ancient wisdom and the ancestral healing methods. By also using natural health methods and other modern alternatives necessary in this hyper-polluted world, I found health and happiness.

Ancient methods and wisdom are closely linked to spirituality, as we are, above all else, fundamentally, eternal souls incarnated on earth to learn, train and evolve. Over the years, I’ve come to understand that shamanism is practiced by indigenous peoples all over the world, on every continent. This fundamental ancestral spirituality enables communication with nature and the ancestors. It would be more accurate to speak of communion, because the disincarnate ancestors, elementals and spirits of nature don’t speak French, English or any other human language. They communicate by telepathy, vibration and frequency. Thus, it’s more a matter of feeling, of direct perception, when we enter into communion with them and all life in nature. As everything is alive, there is no limit to this communication. Here’s a small example: if you want rain, you can ask for it using the ancient indigenous conventions established with the natural world for millennia and receive a rapid response within a few days, and sometimes even within a few hours. It’s also possible to ask for sunshine and good weather when it’s needed for the people and the plant and animal beings. I’ve seen it hundreds of times, and many of our participants have seen it too. Another example: I’m not a hunter, but some of my native friends speak of how their elders knew how to find game with precision, knowing in advance the time, the location and the number of animals, by playing their drums at night. It was the spirits of the animals themselves that communicated this information to the elder hunter in their shamanic drum-induced trance. There are so many empirical testimonies of these events that it’s impossible not to believe them. And I could go on and on with examples of this communion with nature. In any case, it is amply documented in the abundant literature on the subject.

If we look at the health of indigenous peoples on all continents, before colonization by civilizations, we see that they were are all in excellent health, with physical capacities far superior to those of our metropolitan dwellers. There are few diseases. Cancer does not exist. There are no bald or obese people. There’s a lot of love in families, and couples and families are much more stable and united. I could go on and on with such examples, but I’m not trying to convince you with this empirical evidence, but simply to explain that the understanding of the world that emerges with the practice of shamanism links us to that which is the foundation of all life. The world we live in, planet earth, is where our organisms, these human bodies, have been developed over millions of years. We belong to the earth and nature, and nature and the earth are our responsibility. It’s a multi-millennial collaboration that exists in beauty and health between us and the world around us. Our fundamental needs and desires all find their resolution in the world around us. This is what shamanism is all about. We need to understand that all that is, begins in spirit. The Primordial Intelligence of spirit underlies everything that is. In shamanism we find the keys to wisdom and harmony with the world around us.

So, health, harmony, peace, life in fullness, that’s what I’ve found at the end of my research into the causes and solutions to the catastrophic situation we find ourselves in. Thus, my four-decade commitment to teaching these methods and offering vibrational and spiritual products that help us perpetuate these ancient wisdom streams.

Our free will and capacity for creation are powers that carry with them great responsibilities towards all other forms of life on earth. At the moment, we’re not acting as responsible humanity within our ecosystems, but rather as a cancer. We need to transform this. I believe that recognizing and supporting ancestral shamanism is an important key to the future. It’s not the only solution, but it’s fundamental as it’s universal.

It’s also important to understand that one of the reasons traditional shamans and all indigenous nations on earth have been heavily persecuted with genocidal policies by civilization, is because they hold the keys that liberate the people. Freedom is a basic, universal aspect of free will that allows us to grow, to learn, to evolve, to develop, to become greater than we are. Thus, harder to control, condition, program and manipulate. Domination of nature and people is the hallmark of civilization. I’m no exception. I’ve had my share of persecution and obstacles of all kinds throughout my life. I hold them as feathers in my headdress, medals of honor, affirmations that I’m on the right path. We need to support the indigenous wisdom streams, not persecute them! Because in the end they will survive, as they hold the primordial, eternal, immutable ways of nature, that are Great Spirit’s laws for the whole universe and multiverse.  They are fundamental ways of recreating harmony between humanity and nature and allowing us to grow to our full potential.

In health, in joy, in truth, in love for humanity and all kingdoms of nature, I remain your humble servant, always willing to continue serving you while it’s still possible.


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