This communication today comes from a desire to reassure and encourage those who are on the beauty way. The process of spiritual evolution that is the raison d’être of our incarnation on this beautiful planet is an enormous challenge. The level of violence and stupidity of most governments, bureaucracies and national administrations, which are not concerned with the good of their communities but rather with the money and power of a small number of individuals, the systemic wars, the diseases caused by our synthetic and artificial way of life, and a thousand and one other constraints, generate incredible pressure and stress on souls seeking meaning in life. Our world, under the guise of science, is riddled with countless illogical and destructive policies and regulations. In the spirit world where souls reside, this planet earth school is reputed to be one of the most difficult, and yet one of the most powerful for promoting evolution. Our mission is to maintain our focus on beauty, dedication, helping others and developing our capacities to promote life and the light of truth in this world.

Our souls integrate the fetus between the 4th and 7th month of pregnancy. Before the 4th month, there isn’t enough brain matter to really initiate a fruitful relationship. But there is an integration to be carried out, and the human body has its own challenges, desires, appetites, motivations and deformations that are not always synchronized with our raison d’être. Successfully influencing this vehicle in the right direction is the work of a lifetime. It’s understandable that we are often discouraged by our lack of control over our addictions, health conditions, uncontrollable cravings and other manifestations of a body that finds solace in activities and consumptions that are not in harmony with what we would like our life path to be. Some souls completely lose control of the vehicle and indulge in acts of torture, degradation, depravity and abuse of others of a bestiality barely comprehensible. The healing work in the subtle worlds for such souls and the subsequent karmic suffering, always fully accepted, which multiplies by 10 those they have inflicted on others, can take thousands of years to complete.

The soul’s evolutionary path is that of learning to manage and make available to the divine light the human brain and body. We will then be able to access even more formidable vehicles and means of spiritual expression and creation. We need hundreds, sometimes thousands and tens of thousands of incarnations to achieve this. The soul is eternal, immortal, and its path of beauty is that of integrating into matter the light of spirit in the innumerable fields of specialization of souls in their journeys leading to the source of all light and truth. It’s a path that’s out of time, to human eyes taking millions of years, but it’s a small thing to the eternal soul who walks in the love, light and boundless goodness that characterizes the world of spirit. There’s no reality to the rantings of religions, which seek to control their flock with fear and images of hell and purgatory filled with indescribable suffering. The spiritual world where we always reside, even when incarnated, because we always keep a percentage of our soul’s energy in our soul family in the spiritual worlds, even when incarnated, is all love, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, joy and peace on a magnificent, never-ending path of evolution.

It’s normal to fall off the wagon, into our addictions, to fail in achieving what our souls aspire to. The world, this planet, is incredibly difficult, and our bodies and brains have to deal with an avalanche of contradictory data and constraints over which we have no control. We must not be discouraged. We have eternity ahead of us. One day at a time. One step at a time! If we have fallen today, we still have tomorrow, and the day after, and incarnation after incarnation in countless organisms in the physical and other worlds, to perfect our evolution and our path towards the ultimate beauty of our union with the source of infinite love.

One thing that can help is to forgive ourselves. Forgiveness towards others has to be measured, because everyone is responsible for his or her actions, and often forgiving the other if we haven’t yet forgiven ourselves for having put ourselves in the circumstances that allowed the other to hurt us, doesn’t allow for healing. We must first forgive ourselves. Only then, without denying responsibility or the reality of their actions, can we forgive the other. Whether the other accepts it or not is not important. If we have forgiven ourselves, then healing is already happening.

In the hope that this morning’s sharing to those who are on the path, may comfort you, encourage you and give you the courage to continue on the beauty way.



  1. Incredibly wise words- we all need to stop, take a moment and breath in order to reflect and heal.
    Thank you Luke
    Brightest Blessings


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