The greatest success in a person’s life is not what most people think about…. Fame, success, money, power, all these things pale when compared to what most people really need and want: true love and nourishing relationships with family, friends and community. On the backdrop of this formidable energy that comes from healthy human interaction there is the evolution and training that our souls come to accomplish on planet earth.

We are in relationship with an infinite number of breathing, living organisms and an even greater sum of nonphysical entities and nature spirits. We might not see them but they are all around us even in the centre of a teeming, polluted, overcrowded metropolis. What modern science has ignored and has been known by shamans from all continents of this world, is that everything is alive! The wind, the water, the earth, the fires, the planet, the stars, the rocks, the plants, the crystals, the mountains, the valleys, things that scientists think are inanimate substances with no consciousness are in fact living, breathing entities and some even contain an infinite number of nature spirits called elementals.

Shamanism is universal. All indigenous nations on all continents throughout planet earth have this primordial form of spirituality at the core of their relationship with the world around them. What is extraordinary about this is that when we meet, when shamans from different countries and continents meet, we can all agree on the same fundamental principles: that all that is, is animated by spirit; that we need to honour our ancestors and that we can reach to them and they can reach out to us conveying great wisdom; that the elements and nature around us is alive and will listen if we need to communicate and request help and healing; that our souls are immortal and will never die; that we need to protect and honour nature and the earth mother; that we need to nourish, protect and enhance the life force of our communities. The ways, techniques, methods, costumes and tools used by shamans in different parts of the world are all different as they are adapted and come from the land around them. But the basic principles are the same everywhere.

Most religions are sectarian and dogmatic as they seek to enslave their worshippers and congregations in specific behavioural patterns and ways designed to reduce their spiritual energy. They export the same ways in all countries with no consideration for the differences that exist in different communities and nations. This is apparent for example in the way they impose dogmatic ways of entering into sexual and marital relationships. The meeting of the human biome, the union of woman and man in a loving embrace, is one of the strongest and most powerful ways of uniting with very high and powerful spiritual energies. Religions would lose their power over people if this was known and practised as there would no longer be a need for an intermediary i.e.-priest-Iman-monk-cleric, between man and that who some call God, Allah, Jehovah. We would in all liberty and autonomy attain the sentiment and powers of the Primordial Source through sharing love, ecstasy and bliss that are the most powerful ways of lifting our souls into the highest spiritual energies that be.

Shamans and indigenous nations mostly prone liberty. The liberty of a person is a god-given right as expressed through that unique ability that only humans have: free will! Thus, to limit a person’s liberty, to limit their access to natural products and alternative health care, to contain them, to imprison them in their homes as we’ve seen recently, or as a punishment with no viable and intelligent remedial solutions, to contain them within dogma and sectarian faith, to prevent the truth about world affairs and pure science from being posted, published and taught, are all clear indications that those who do this do not want to enhance our evolution and development but are seeking to curtail our discernment and ability to reflect and find the truth about who we truly are as human beings. By reducing the ways we interact with each other, the system is reducing our ability to expand our consciousness, understanding, evolution, joy, love, peace and health.

Many shamans and spiritual authorities, visionaries and sensitives, and more and more evolved professionals and scientists from all fields of human activity affirm that some religions, many international corporations, big pharma, mainstream media and most western governments today, are clearly under the influence of evil, satanic, demonic forces. They are weaponizing the digital electromagnetic energy systems, the medical and hospital systems, the GMO in the food we eat, the air and the water (with chemtrails and chemicals) the mass media and governmental bureaucracy. They are waging an invisible war on humanity that is changing us. We are becoming blind, deaf, mute, robotic cyborgs as our blood and brains are now infected with nanobots and are DNA is being modified through vaccine manipulation. The information we receive is heavily manipulated propaganda designed to make us accept the limitations on our life force and the infringements on our civil liberties. The heavy metals present in our food, water, medications and vaccines are making us susceptible to the messages being transmitted directly to our brains through the 5G global EMF network. This is factual, scientifically verified fact[1].

We need to see this. We need to truly understand the world around us. We need to stand up, put our foot down and say: I will not comply! I am a free, divine human being imbued with spirit and soul. Thus, no-one and nothing can stand between me, my family, my friends, my community, life-giving nature, my spiritual ways, my health and my relationship with Great Spirit-Primordial Intelligence. Let’s become who we really are: the eyes, ears and hands of Creator on this glorious planet, our beautiful and so generous Mother Earth. For She too suffers from what humanity has become.

We must return to the source now, to the foundation of what human life has been for millions of years. It’s so simple and so easy to do. The one-hectare family domain where the family grows its own food within communities of family domains is an excellent and wonderful solution. Or in a very simple, daily way choose life! Growing sprouts in the kitchen, participating in a community garden, buying arable land, protecting every last bit of the living soil, nourishing and enhancing your families, friends and communities! This is where salvation and fullness of life are to be found. Love, sing, vibrate with joy and passion, for there lies the true evolution of the soul. Only freedom in love, joy and peace allows for optimal soul evolution in these troubled times. Fear nothing, for you are immortal and eternal beings. Your courage in these troubled times will be an inspiration that will resound for all eternity in the annals of the temples of time.

I embrace you all.

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[1] The best source of real information coming from many different experts can be found at For a medical expert’s take on covid vaccines listen to a free bonus conference here :


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