La procession d’entrée dans l’aire des cérémonies sous l’arche des prières


In the Native American cultural and spiritual diaspora across the Great Turtle Island continent one aspect of human development remains a constant. Finding one’s mission in life.

Every single human being is unique. We are all on a path of evolution and into the ongoing discovery of what it means to be alive. The source of our manifestation as individuals is the soul, that immortal, eternal, creative, with infinite potential, primordial source of our being. Planet Earth is our home for now as it’s the most powerful school, college, university and training ground for our soul’s pursuit of its ultimate destiny, unity with source. The Creator of All is our source and the atom seed of our souls.

Thus, in all indigenous communities throughout the Americas the young women and men going through puberty are given the opportunity to discover their uniqueness. This is infinitely valuable as our gifts, talents, role and place in the community, are the most powerful tools for our evolution and training. They are what we programmed as our current mission in life. We have decided this with the help of our guides and ancestors before incarnating on earth. The freedom that exists in indigenous nations allows for the discovery of that mission and the respect and honor bestowed on our wise Elders makes it possible for them to assist us on this journey.

Thus, the existence of rites of passage. These time-honored powerful rituals create the sacred space in which the young person, no longer under the responsibility of parents as they are now able to create children, can discover their uniqueness.

All indigenous communities had these rituals. We must come back to these powerful moments where the whole community assists us in becoming who we can become to travel through our life training on earth in the best way possible.

This is one of the most powerful teachings that I’ve carried and enacted in my life as a traditional shaman of Native America. The Ceremonial Cycle of Rites of Passage was a week-long event that we celebrated several times in Europe and several times in Quebec. All were with a French speaking public. All rites of passage except the death ritual were offered: the first steps, the vision quest and moon lodges (puberty), receiving a new name, marriage, adoptions and becoming a spiritual Elder.

Powerful moments, the most powerful times I have ever experienced.

Soon, I will begin a training cycle in western Canada beginning with a Healing Crystals workshop intensive. I intend to continue on, if there is interest and assistance in making this happen, to the four-year training in certifying shamanic practitioners in initiatory shamanism. This training is the synthesis of a lifetime of research, study and training in the primordial spiritual ways of Native American Indigenous philosophy. If we succeed in doing this, then the next step for these practitioners is learning to perform the rites of passage by assisting me in giving these rites to English-speaking participants. Open to all, if we get that far.

As I’m moving into my seventh decade of life, I need more help now in moving forward. I await the circumstances that allow this to happen and I’m seeing it start to flow. If you wish to help in this important process, I encourage you to come to the crystal healing intensive in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in October, as many of the spiritual practices that are taught are also a part of the initiatory shamanic training. Knowing how to work with our beautiful friends of the mineral world is also a part of this training.

May the earth be purified of the fires of evilness and obscurity that we may rise into the ascension of humanity and earth, their pristine beauty and infinite potential.

Love and Light and Peace and Joy to all and everything!

Luke Blue Eagle


  1. That is beautiful what you have written, I thank you.
    I feel I’ve been fighting a lion since my son was injured by a vaccine when he was 3. I have been trying to heal him so he may get back the gifts he was born with but taken away from the poison he was given. I have read many articles and have always looked towards self healing with Mother Nature especially with crystals and homeopathic medicines. With your wisdom can you help heal him from his autism as they call it and seizures?
    Many Blessings Katerini


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