Putting fire to the ceremonial arch, burning the old to renew the soul

The old world of war, disease, control, illogical laws, constricting regulations and deviant education is thrashing to and fro in its death rattle. The new earth is budding through the snow and ice of the past into the luminous destiny of our future and creative souls. It’s impossible to negotiate with the tight, sclerotic, rusted, blinded shut, fixed institutions and evil political structures of what my mentor Sun Bear called the dinosaurs of the modern age. He would continue and say, “they will become extinct but, in the meantime, we can feed off their flesh as we build the new earth. It’s called recycling!”:D   We can adapt the old structures and transform what is there to feed into the new earth.

How do we do this? It’s simple and it’s called daily practice. I’ll try to explain. Time is not linear it’s a spiral. Gregorian time, the clocks and calendars of the modern world are an illusion, a manipulation instrument destined to enslave us. They’ve blinded us to our true history, inventing false light messages called His-story as they crack their whips and scream TIME IS MONEY! Do you still believe this? Do you still rush and stress to get things done making mistakes along the way because you didn’t have time to reflect on what you were doing? In reality, time does not exist. What really exists is the eternal present. All future and past events are contained in the eternal now. What really counts, what really has an influence on the future and healing of the past is how we create a symphony of pure truth and right action. As we move through the days and nights, we can call forth with our thoughts, words and actions the real meaning of having a human soul. We are eternal, immortal beings destined to create worlds and move stars! Nothing and no one can prevent our manifesting the god-given ability to create what is good, whole, beneficial, luminous, truthful, and loving for the greater good of all our relations. Being mindful of our innate wisdom mind, being true to our divine nature is manifested by creating ways to do this in our daily actions. There are infinite ways of doing this, like giving offerings to nature, tending the gardens, sharing love and creating ways to further life and health. We remember to always start with our divine self. Our precious body, this incredible vehicle that has such potential and abilities, taking care of that golden vessel of divine manifestation is the first thing we do. Walking into the morning light to walk, dance, exercise and celebrate life and nature before doing business or chores is affirming that we are first and foremost children of the One Light, daughters and sons of Great Spirit, manifestations of the Primordial Intelligence made flesh for the greater good of all living things and created universes. Throughout the day little ways of affirming our True Light, like eating pure foods, drinking pure water, creating goodness for everything around us and making that a daily practice is what really counts. Things don’t need to be extraordinary. They do need to manifest and the best way to do this is a little bit every day. If you rub a rock with a silk handkerchief five minutes a day but continue long enough, you’ll one day reduce it to dust.

As I often suggest to my students, it’s better to do 20 minutes of spiritual practice once a day than three hours and then nothing for the rest of the week. Take your example from nature. Most plants grow very slowly, but they never stop. Every day something happens. Thus, do one day at a time but never falter, never give way to the false light, move slowly but keep going. That’s how we are going to build the new earth! The little things done with humility and joy are more important than the grand endeavours that shine for all to see, as you can rarely repeat those, but you can do the little things every day!

Love and Light

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