A clear understanding of the forces at play in today’s world, and of our true nature, is very important for our happiness, balance, health and joy. What the secret societies, fallen angels and evil extraterrestrials who have manipulated humanity’s DNA and genetics for thousands of years are desperate to destroy is the link with our deepest nature, what we call the soul. It was the purpose of the injections for this electronic virus called covid to create a separation of the soul from the body. They didn’t succeed—it was a monumental failure, a resounding debacle! People’s souls began to express themselves. Realizing the effect of the injections, faced with the hecatomb of sudden deaths and illnesses among people who were in good health, people woke up, a planetary movement of affirmation of our angelic, divine nature was formed and a bubbling of consciousness took hold of humanity.

It’s important to understand that human beings have immense, immeasurable power, and that they are the eyes and hands of Great Spirit in the world. Within the heart of every human being lies an atom of consciousness that comes directly from the Primordial Intelligence. To use a word that’s often distorted, but which you’ll understand, we carry God within us! This is what gives rise to shamanic powers, and enables the extrasensory powers that so many of us manifest. Lucid dreams, the ability to travel outside the body, healing powers, communication with nature and the elements, the ability to create in harmony with life, clairvoyance, clairaudience, the gift of prophecy, distance vision, bi-location, teleportation, telekinesis, etc. all these manifestations of our divine powers are proof that the human being is at the pinnacle of evolution and that there is no limit to what we can manifest from and for love. Our divine and angelic nature is our common heritage. These powers are constantly discredited by the media and institutions of our globalist civilization. They are afraid of them! We must understand that most of the world’s institutions are run by sub-humans. They have no access to these powers except through the invocation of demons in their satanic rituals. That’s why they don’t hesitate to inflict unbelievable suffering on beings, even children, because deep down inside, the capacity for empathy no longer exists. They have lost their soul! Traditional Indigenous Elders would say, they are under the sway of the wendigo (a kind of devil for North American natives).

The reality is that light always triumphs over darkness. Life emerges from death. I put my compost in the ground and without invitation a dozen squash plants come up. I’ll let them grow and they’ll give me food and thousands of new seeds. A lit candle in a room without light reaches the whole room, even though its flame is very small. We have to realize that the vast majority of human beings on earth are aware that their institutions, the medical industry and the deep state that control politicians are not working for them, that they have an agenda that has nothing to do with our health or self-fulfillment. It’s not just a small 10% of human beings who are aware of this now, it’s more like 85–90%. There are even entire countries that have decided to stop obeying the dictates of these sub-masters. We’re going to change the world, we’re going to create the new earth. We are not alone in our struggle to free the world from these black characters and entities who seek to subjugate us. The Galactic Federation of Worlds has already driven out the greys and reptilians. But it’s up to us to deal with our degenerate humans.

We’re in training to become gods, creators of worlds. Earth is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful in the galaxy. It’s no coincidence that you’re reading these words today. You are the heirs of paradise, the guardians of the new earth, the liberators and saviors of all our relations[1]. You are the demigods of biodiversity on earth. We must realize that the greatest wealth of the whole universe is the earth’s biodiversity. We are its preservers, creators and architects.

It must also be understood that the temporary separation from the soul caused by the injections can be healed. That the men and women who have undergone the hideous electronic and genetic manipulation inflicted by the virus and injections can be repaired and healed. That the evil humans who perpetrated these crimes can be brought back into the light, that through our enlightened love and conscience we can offer them salvation. They will one day be saved or thrown off the earth, but in the end we will be liberated, for it is the very nature of true human consciousness to need freedom to create. Our work of co-creation on Mother Earth is our destiny, our ultimate purpose is to encourage life, love, peace, biodiversity and joy in the contemplation of our achievements in the world. For we are angelic beings, the demiurges of the earth and universes yet to be created. We are the true light of the world!

Love, Peace, Joy and Light to each and every one of you.

[1] All our relations is an indigenous expression indicating our relationship with the mineral, plant, animal and elemental realms.

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