As we enter into the restoration of humanity’s right relationship with nature, the earth and all living things, we need to find the right attitudes and actions that will be conducive to this healing. We are in the throes of trying to make sense of a world order that has taken over our governments and is imposing illogical and harmful policies and restrictions on our liberties, life force, health and ability to work in a calm and efficient manner. The bureaucratic, regulatory attitudes of our public administrations have nothing to do with helping the population, it’s rather the contrary. How do we move towards healing and restoration when these institutions are hindering our every move towards health and happiness?

There are simple and yet complicated answers. Simple in that the solutions are evident and self-regulating, and complicated because the satanic workings of government are so evil and dangerous that we are often paralyzed with fear and ignorance on how to proceed. Yet, the time has come for a deep and profound healing and coming back to our pristine, luminous, angelic, divine self that has all power and wisdom. We are the Gods and Goddesses of Mother Earth and Her many life forms. All are awaiting that we come back to our senses to once more live in paradise.

We have come to the bifurcation. Humanity is given the choice between an illumined and conscious life or accepting to be coerced into becoming mindless cyborgs and automates. By accepting or refusing the chemical injections that are killing our families and friends, seeing with clarity or refusing to see the evilness of the substances within these so-called vaccines and all of the so-called “help” of the medical industry, there are those who are losing their souls and those who are reclaiming their innate sacredness, health and sanity. Seeing with clarity that those who speak of peace and democracy and create wars in so many countries and those who proclaim the right of all nations to a just, international law abiding, multipolar world are two different philosophies that are determining the future we are to walk on.

Thus, we do need to choose the right path and no longer make concessions to those who walk into oblivion, even if they are our family, friends and coworkers. The bifurcation can be painful but it’s necessary. The choice is now and the world is changing at an incredibly fast pace. There are events on the horizon that will precipitate the changes that are necessary for the earth and all her children, of all realms, enabling us to reenter paradise and enlightened evolution. We need to be ready for those changes.

Choose nature. If you have the means, invest in arable land where there is a water source and preferably with those who have chosen the luminous way. Communities of like-minded families with a shared land base and for each a private family domain will automatically self-regulate. In fulfilling in a pure and natural way our needs and desires, nature has a way of helping us back to sanity and safety. It’s ingrained in the laws of the universe. Be mindful that institutions and government are not there to help you and seek ways to liberate yourselves and your families from these satanic controls. Do not trust the ones who hide behind the status quo, the accepted ways of bureaucracy and civic policy but look to the light of truth, logic, peace, joy, and love. Active intelligence with the will to manifest for the greater good motivated with love for all of life is the strongest power there is. Nothing can stand in the way of an illumined being standing in the light of pure truth and right action. We will be victorious. The light always prevails. Have courage and help each other. Be wary of those with hidden intentions. They are a multitude and their evilness is disguised in many ways. Always trust your intuition and higher calling. The time is now. All is good and perfect always in all ways. What is happening is necessary and is precipitating the changes we need. Trust in the light of truth, it will always bring you to the most beneficial results and that which is good for your family, community and all life in nature.

Love and Light to you on this path to the restoration of Mother Earth and our angelic, illumined and sacred humanity.




    • There are many, more than I can put here. The place where there are the most is in Russia following the impressive books published by Vladimir Megre on Anastasia the Siberian Recluse. There are over 300 ecocommunities of family domains in Russia. The most impressive ecocommunity in the west that I know of, implementing the most advanced scientific techniques of electromagnetic protection and healing and age reversal is in Mexico, you’ll find it here


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