The universe is organized through thought. Everything is information. Creator’s thoughts and wishes translate into nebulae, galaxies and inhabited solar systems. Life comes through specific patterns that are measurable as they are organized through specific frequencies and mathematical equations in infinite diversity, but always through the same information. One example is in the snowflakes. Although in a snow storm, they are more of them than can be counted, no two are alike, but all have the same hexagonal pattern. That’s the information that informs them on how to manifest.

Time and conversations are needed to inform the structure and intentions that will allow ancient wisdom to manifest in accordance with our modern needs.

It’s like the harmony in music, repetition creates harmonics that reverberate together and amplify the benefit and beauty of the sound frequencies. The more we communicate in truth, in and within the reality of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings, in all that we are, rather than in a limited materialistic, technological, technocratic and scientific modality that is currently the main narrative in modern media, the more we’ll come to align with Creator wisdom. Alignment with Creator’s will and intentions produce beauty, incredibly diverse life forms, great vitality, infinite potential for growth and evolution, universal love and true intelligence.

May we communicate fluidly with love and openness.

Light, Joy and Peace to all in this cycle of expanding consciousness.


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