My review of MAXIMIZE YOUR HEALING POWER—by Sharon E. Martin M.D., Ph.D., From Findhorn Press, 2023, Rochester, Vermont, USA

This very interesting book comes at a moment in history where conscious individuals in all walks of life are coming back to the universal and ancient healing arts called Shamanism. Dr. Sharon Martin has been in allopathic medical practice for over 20 years. After many experiments showing the limits of the pharmaceutical and surgical approach of modern medicine, she underwent an extensive shamanic training under the tutelage of Alberto Villoldo, PhD. founder of the Four Winds Society, training in the healing of the luminous energy body. This knowledge of shamanic energy techniques helped her patients heal and increase their vitality. In Maximize Your Healing Power, Dr. Martin transmits a complete method and exercises to help readers sense their energy body and therefore discover the imbalances in their energy and how to control them. Dr. Martin is a practitioner ahead of her time. She offers new ways stemming from ancient tradition to view health challenges that allow to alleviate and heal them.

I find this book interesting as it shows the limits of modern medical practice, and how ancient wisdom can work in conjunction with modern medicine to help and to heal. There is a lack of true philosophical enquiry and truth in the money-based system of the medical industry that feeds off a need to profit rather than really help people remain healthy and whole. My observations have been that medical corporations and the pharmaceutical industry have systematically used their great financial power to discredit powerful healers in many parts of the world. Yet, in the interest of the people and their health there is a great benefit in allowing the ancient time proven healing arts of shamanism to supplement our modern understanding and science in helping and healing those who are suffering and require assistance.

Thus, this book is a mile stone in helping those who are sincere in wanting to help humanity find truth and healing in integrating shamanism into our modern medical practices. There is a great benefit in acknowledging the wisdom of our elder indigenous wisdom keepers and healers. There is no need to discredit time proven methods just because we can monetize modern methods. As this attitude prevents many people from finding help for their health problems due to poverty and poor financial circumstances, shamanism is invaluable as it is readily available and at a much lower cost. All that is needed is a clear vision of reality by the established authorities in recognizing the ancient healing art of shamanism. This would lead to appropriate training of those who could offer a high level of holistic healing that would benefit all walks of life. In this way this book offers an enlightened perspective from an accomplished practitioner in both fields of the healing arts.

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