The awakening of consciousness that has been caused by the split between the blinded and the awakened in the recent campaign of genocide against humanity called covid, can lead to great advances in our return to nature, reality and truth. The springtime of the return to the earth and nature is at our doors.

The misinformation that accompanied the implementation of the attempt to impose these super vaccins by spreading by this laboratory created virus fooled most of the population that had been prepared by other hoaxes such as SARS, and bovine, poultry, and other nonsense viruses. On the other hand, some people quietly realized that they were being lied to and there was another agenda beneath all these lies.

Thus, there has been a split between those who become genetically modified organisms and other hidden benefits of the RNA and nanobots in these super vaccines and those who want to remain human. Wokism and becoming cyborgs on one side and traditional virtues on the other, the blind and the awakened. This split that has divided families, communities and societies can only lead to one result: we will return to universal and cosmic realities and truth, that of the unity of humanity with its precious and beautiful mother earth.

Sometimes it takes illness to push us to transform our lifestyles, to abandon the toxic habits that are damaging our health. This is where this crisis is leading us, towards global health and a return to traditions that are adapted to the modern world, but that respect the eternal truths. We are Women, Men, and our spiritual evolution on earth is leading us to enlightenment and the realization of our abilities to be partners with Great Spirit in the creation of the wondrous worlds. Let us begin today by caring for our gardens, our plants, our animals, our environments and our community.  Life goes on. Spring is here. The vegetation is blooming and greening, the leaves of the trees are blessing the landscape and the birds are busy creating the nests where their chicks will be born and the free animals as well. Life is beautiful. The path is beauty. The path is one of love, peace, joy and the light of truth.

Courage and clarity. Be blessed by life.

With Love

Luke Blue Eagle

P.S.- To continue in your awakening and conscious awareness I recommend you my reflection tool, the e-book THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE

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