Life! This is what we all share. All of us without exception have this in common. We have life, we breathe and the heart beats. It is the same for all life. There is a pulse. The tides of the oceans are the breathing, the pulsation of planet earth.

So, it’s not complicated, it’s not difficult to find what can be the basis to establish peace, health and abundance for all the Men and Women of mother earth. That basis is what encourages life, what increases the living. It’s not technology, obviously, as technology is dead, it’s not alive and its existence is destroying the conditions that create the living, the breathing, pulsating biosphere.

We have been seduced by the ease and benefits that technology offers. We have been lulled to sleep by its entertainments and its drugs. We have trusted those who had a better understanding of it, but who had hidden, occult agendas to subjugate humanity and remove all raw materials from this planet before doing the same with another planet. Because yes, the governments of the world have been infiltrated by powers that manipulate us, that lead us astray, that modify our DNA, that blind us to our identity as Men and Women, and I could go on for a long time with the description of how these dark forces, these entities entirely controlled by their technologies, coming from planets where there is no life left, entirely covered with machines, want to take our resources and remove our liberties and imprison our lives in their infernal matrix.

This is not important. They will not succeed, as Humanity is much stronger and more powerful than they believe. So far, they have succeeded, because they have colluded with the human occult organizations, the countless secret societies that control various aspects of power and money, who have wanted and still want to control and suck the life force of the people for their own morbid purposes. But this is a small minority. They have power, but this power is illusory. It is a technology that has no real existence, money has no real value. Try to eat your banknotes and your bank cards and you will see that they are not edible.: D

What has made these evil organizations successful is their unity around money and power. But in fact, the people and entities in these organizations are few in number. There are a lot more Men and Women who want what’s good and what’s beautiful, who want to make children with love in the light of truth, than these entities that live in the shadows of our technocratic societies. It is up to us today to recreate a way of life that serves the living, a new unity based on the wisdom and light of the truth of who we are. We are alive! We want to live! We are Men and Women and our complementarity produces life! We want future generations to have a planet where the air is good to breathe and the water everywhere is good to drink!

That’s it, it’s simple. Keep this in your thoughts. You are sparks of life created in the likeness of Great Spirit. You have unlimited power if you work with the truth. It is up to you now to exercise this power for life in fullness and in truth.

Peace, Joy, Love and Light to each of you.

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