Have you ever thought that you were not loved by God, or that He/She did not exist? Have you ever had the desire to recreate a link, a conscious awareness of the Primordial Intelligence that may have created the world? Have you ever felt so alone at a precise moment of your life that life had lost all meaning?

Let us first understand that our connection with God is never lost. Its but alterations and pollution in our consciousness that reduces our ability to experience this feeling. If by some impossible fluke this connection was lost, we would be in an instant erased from the face of the world. We cannot exist without this presence. There are also moments in the life of every individual where we have felt this connection. It’s not necessary to know that what we felt is this connection, that what we are experiencing is a sacred communion with the Divine, as Great Spirit never imposes anything. He/She has given Humanity free will and remains ever faithful to His/Her gift.

Try to remember a moment of ecstasy, of bliss, of such intense joy that you had the impression that you were flying… As an example, when still a child I had a great deal of difficulty in learning to ride a bicycle. The one I had was too tall for me and I couldn’t keep my balance. I fell dozens of times, with many cuts and bruises that were as many witnesses to my fruitless efforts. But one day I succeeded! I mastered the necessary equilibrium and I was able to pedal and ride on the streets of my village. I went riding the bike in a state of indescribable joy with the impression I was flying I was so happy. Everything appeared to me in a different light as if I had enchanted the world and as if it was smiling to me from everywhere around. These moments of grace, no matter their causes, are moments of sacred communion with the Divine. This joy, these sacred moments within us often experienced in nature are privileged moments. The recollection of these moments is a key. They can open the possibility of reconnecting with the Divine in our everyday life, at any time, simply in remembering these moments of bliss. This is one of the great gifts we have that of being able to recreate an emotion, an internal state of being with a simple memory.

It’s like playing a musical instrument, we become more skillful with practice. We can recreate at will ecstasy and bliss. The recollection of these moments of grace is a key to unsuspected abilities. We can also use visualization and breathing exercises to reconnect with Great Spirit.

Ecstasy allows an energy that can multiply our potential tenfold. When we experience bliss, we are filled with love and with quiet joy. This state of grace is common for those who live in sacred communion with the Divine. It gives access to surprising powers. As this sweet and humble nun of a European convent, who when feeling filled with love for God would fly, yes fly!, to the top of the highest tree and would sing like a bird the glory of God. The nun superior would scold her and call her down and she would humbly but still filled with bliss fly back down as if nothing had happened. I don’t remember where I read this, but it has been documented.

Those who never or very rarely experience ecstasy do not believe in these kinds of powers. Yet those who frequently experience bliss and sacred ecstasy in communing with nature, the universe and its Primordial Intelligence know that everything is possible.

I once wrote about mundane everyday magic. This is the source of energy which allows this everyday magic. It’s this ecstasy, this intense joy which elevates and feeds the supernatural powers that shamans and saints have demonstrated during the ages of man. Living without these daily miracles is a very boring life yet it’s the reality of the vast majority of human beings today. Technology has a tendency to destroy that which is sacred. But that can change! You can activate bliss, ecstasy and joy and reconnect with the Divine simply through these memories that every person has been blessed with at some moment in their lives. Learn to smile within all day and laugh as often as you can and you will be getting closer and closer to your god nature within.

Daughters and Sons of Great Spirit, may Glory and Peace be always with you!

Blue Eagle







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