The spring season’s warmth illuminates our days and softens our nights. The first butterflies flutter around and the birds that were gone are heard again singing the beloved work of preparing nests for the little ones that sleep within them.

Our dreams activate the energy that creates tomorrow’s world. It takes discipline to order our thoughts and maintain them with regularity as well as the wisdom to see what is good for our families, our dear friends, our communities and future generations. For this, tradition, legends, myths, cyclical celebrations, community gatherings and rites of passage keep us on the narrow path. The elders, the Council of the Ancient Ones and the talking circles ensure that wisdom is guarded and passed on. All this we will recreate, as the modern world has them partially destroyed to better control a population that is considered like cattle by the decadent elites governing the western world. But these traditions are still there, dormant in our genes, in our ancestors, in the stones, lakes, fires, animals and trees of our countries. The movements inspired by truth, light and wisdom are always victorious, as nothing can better dispel the darkness than the flame of universal eternal reality.

The land of our forefathers is calling us to action, so we may protect it for future generations. May we have the courage to do so for tomorrow’s world and today’s happiness.

Happy springtime to all!

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