Thursday, April 6, 2023

It snowed again this week. The high snows of this winter (2022-2023) have only decreased a little in the last weeks. Yesterday after a snow of about 4 to 8 centimeters on my domain, there was freezing rain. I will have to work this morning to shovel a layer of snow covered with a layer of ice.

For the past decade or so, spring has been slow to come, and fall is lasting much longer. We even have nice fall temperatures in November last year. The weather is changing. Even the sky is changing. I notice that the stars have moved across the sky. The north is not quite where it was in my childhood.

One thing that is permanent in the world is change. Everything is ebbing and flowing, the tides of life come and go in a constant spiral progression towards more consciousness. If there is one major discovery in modern science, it is quantum realities, the study of the infinitely small. This has upset the theory of relativity, the one that governs space exploration for example, the science of the infinitely large, because the mathematics of the two theories do not meet. One of the things we observe in quantum reality is that it has no limit of time or space. A particle (electron or proton or photon) influences its twin instantaneously even if it is light-years away, overturning Einstein’s deduction that the fastest speed is that of light. The reality is that everything is built from the infinitely small and what quantum scientists have discovered is that what influences the most the quantum world is consciousness.

These realities have always been at the heart of the teachings of the spiritual schools of the first peoples of my continent. It is with this understanding that they knew how to heal a broken bone in less than an hour, or how to push aside the clouds to get more sunlight, or even how to fly through the sky, as the stories of the Sky Walkers and the Gallery Hunt testify to this day. I have an Algonquin friend who traveled by flying canoe as a child. A bark canoe that flew through the air with no technology other than a small box held by a great shaman of her people.

There is a volume full of stories like these: The World We Used to Live In by the great Sioux academician, historian and author, Vine Deloria, Jr. This book describes the extraordinary powers that were incomprehensible to early European colonizers that witnessed the feats of native healers and shamans before the wars and genocide of the First Nations by the Canadian and American governments. Since I was trained in shamanism and initiated by the spirits since my early childhood, I have seen many phenomena that science would be unable to explain. Sometimes I see people dazzled by synchronicities that I find normal. Other times I see people unable to see extraordinary events happening right in front of them. I call this cognitive blindness. Because the event is beyond their ability to comprehend, they simply choose, unconsciously, to see nothing.

Our thoughts, words and actions determine our future. But everything originates in consciousness. That is why the emphasis in education should not be on mental faculties such as writing, science and mathematics, but rather on wisdom and the realities of the natural world. There are no lies in nature. It teaches truth and reality that have an immediate and determining impact on the quality of life and hope for future generations. The measure of love a child receives is far more important than his or her ability to write and calculate. For what a parent passes on depends on what he or she has received, and love encourages the maximum development of the human being in all areas. This is just a very simple example, but it can be adapted in a thousand ways. Wisdom is priceless and much more important than material wealth, because it shapes consciousness.

The future is determined not by the ability to generate money and material goods, but by consciousness. For consciousness influences everything. The material concerns and sciences associated with the development of technological progress are as ephemeral as the snow in spring. But consciousness is immortal and eternal.

Peace and Love to each of you.



  1. Most definitely a season of days gone by, and I feel the water is going to run for months to come. God I hope so- becuz I am spending countless hours building a swimming hole for this summers salvation in a conscious paradise.
    The sage is transitioning as well. Still a month plus for the white sage to tell its truth, but the Black , humming bird sage has captivated my emotions for a healthy harvest beginning tomorrow.
    Thank you for your strong words and leadership.

  2. Hello, what you are saying here resonates totally with my whole being and way of thinking and knowing. Thank you for the clarity and authenticity of your communications, and please continue to send me notifications of new Blog posts.


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