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Many ladies have problems with their moon time. Their period or menstrual cycles are called moon time for traditional Native Americans, because in nature this cycle follows the growth and waning of the moon. The women in the communities of the past mostly all had their moon time at the same time, usually either on the new or full moon. This is still true today, as healthy women with regular cycles and good daily contact with nature have a cycle that harmonizes with the lunar cycles.

Why are there so many problems in the modern world? Syndromes of all kinds where the woman suffers during her moon time, where the bleeding is exaggerated, where there is no regularity, etc. There is to my idea (biased, of course, because it is a man’s 😊), due to two main factors. 1st the modern houses with their intense electromagnetic pollution created by electronic devices, wiring in the walls and a building structure that does not respect planetary energies, obstruct the moon’s energies that no longer harmoniously influence the woman’s cycle. 2nd there was no initiation into the sacredness of the woman at the appearance of the first moon time.

The young woman who receives and lives her first moon time, in all the native nations, is accompanied in the discovery of the sacred aspect of this phase in her cycle, by a rite of passage that makes her a person who can co-create with the Divine a new life on Earth. Through the rituals that celebrate and value her, she discovers that this is something sacred, great, rejuvenating, and part of the very divine nature of the world. This is an extremely rich, deep, powerful experience that empowers the Woman and allows her to acquire a sense of pride, responsibility, importance, and gives her a great deal of respect for herself. And because of this, every time this cycle comes again, these same sentiments are reactivated. Thus, it is experienced as something great, which will inspire her, and produce an openness and a communion with the world around her.

Women in the Western world have not had this experience. The first moon time is experienced as an inconvenience, young girls are not prepared with a sacred and spiritual understanding for the appearance of the first moon times. Mothers and grandmothers have themselves experienced it as an inconvenience. I have heard terminology in the western world that refers to the woman in her moon time as “indisposed,” “in the red,” “sick”, all expressions that denigrate this extremely important and rich phase in a woman’s life.

In the past, women wore skirts to give their blood directly to Mother Earth. It is no coincidence that in all indigenous societies living in harmony with nature and this everywhere on our beautiful planet, women wore long skirts. This phase in the cycle where the woman gives to the earth was recognized in the community by the moon lodge, a place where women went to recharge and share with other women during their moon times. This place was forbidden to men. They were recognized by the community around them through the existence of the moon time lodge as partners with the living forces of nature. Indeed, dreams and visions coming from the moon lodge were considered divinely inspired. In the recent history of violent European military colonization in America, many warnings from women in the moon lodge prevented massacres by fleeing from white attack. How then, in such a context, could women think that their moon time was an inconvenience?

Today, women feel that they are losing energy, losing blood, losing time with these inconveniences, losing something. In the past, it was a sacred experience. What was given to the Earth was received as a time of vision, meditation, rejuvenation and sharing. It was a state of reciprocity and the time of rest in the moon time lodge gave inspiration, calm and sharing with other women, thus advice, teachings, information sharing, guidance, help, and recognition of the wisdom of mothers. The women are not shy to talk about the problems and wonders that surround them and that are in their lives. The grandmothers who had grown past that phase would still come and sit with the ladies to share her wisdom and experience. It is of great benefit for all women to hear that their understandings of life are shared by other women. It gives power to the voice of women.

In the modern world, this no longer exists. I am convinced that this is largely responsible for cycle pain, cycle disturbances, premenstrual symptoms, fatigue, excessive bleeding, etc. When we do not respect the universal laws, nature takes care to call us to order.

However, there is a way to correct this today: by experiencing the ritual that women used to have at puberty to recognize their sacred nature. I have accompanied women, ranging in age from 25 to 65, through this ritual to honor their sacred nature and do what should have been done at the appropriate time. “It is never too late to do the right thing”, as the saying goes.

I have given a seven-day cycle for rites of passage for many years. Now that the covid is behind us, that persecution has abated we may one day do it again. My most advanced students the CSP Certified Shamanic Practitioners are already doing some of these initiations. Follow the blog and to be informed and in touch with them.

Even without this ritual, if a woman takes time for herself at each cycle, if she infuses this period of her cycle with a sacred feeling of beauty, if she knows how to respect herself, there is a great chance that she will experience this quite differently.

Good and deep moon time moments to all our precious women, mothers and grandmothers around the world.

Joy, Love and Peace.



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