Sacrificing one’s blood and flesh to protect and help one’s people. The Sundance one of the most powerful of Native American Ceremonies. An extreme form of sacrifice.


There is one aspect of spiritual development that is not at all favored or even considered acceptable by today’s mentality of instant gratification. An education based on punishment and reward encourages flight and deception on the one hand and the pursuit of ephemeral pleasures on the other. The dessert promised if the child has eaten everything on his plate is a typical example of this formatting. These reactions, i.e. punishments that can lead to reflexes of self-punishment and/or wallowing in unhealthy pleasures, seem to confirm the validity and acceptance of the person in the current global technocratic lifestyle. This deformation is intentional, because it weakens people and makes them susceptible to suggestion and control by the powerful of this technocratic world. The stronger a person is spiritually the more difficult he or she is to control and format, because he or she sees and wants to promote the truth.

In reality, sacrifice is essential for spiritual evolution. All spiritualities and religions of the world speak of it and even praise it. If we look at the most widespread and universal form of spirituality on the planet, shamanism, we find sacrifice as the first and most important step in the evolution and acquisition of power and healing.

The education of a future shaman always begins with a difficult challenge. This is also true for the whole community, not only for the future shamans. At puberty, all young boys of the aboriginal nations living according to the laws of nature, will undergo an initiation that makes them men and not children going through adolescence. By the grace of the rite of passage, they pass from childhood to the maturity of an adult in a few days. The adolescence crisis exists only in societies that no longer practice rites of passage, that is to say, all the technocratic societies of today.

The most universal rite of passage to adult maturity here in North America among the first peoples is the vision quest. For several days (between 4 and 9) the young people will fast from food and water, deprive themselves of sleep, pray and meditate 24 hours a day in solitude, alone in the heart of the great outdoors, to receive the totems and visions that will define their uniqueness and their role and place within their communities. They then receive a new name that is the anchor and confirmation of their new identities within their nations. Thus, we see that the sacrifice of food, water, sleep, the presence of loved ones and the abandonment of the old child identity defined by the acceptance of the new name, leads to the rapid and definitive evolution of these young adults. The wisdom of rites of passage is common to all First Peoples. All indigenous people living in nature practice shamanism. The initiations of the shaman will always push the being beyond themselves so that he/she renounces his/her limited identity, the one that is identified with the physical body. One must overcome attachment to the material form in order to travel in the subtle realms.

One must understand that incarnation in this material world is a school to increase the power of the soul on its manifestation in the physical worlds. The soul is immaterial and immortal. It comes hundreds of times to planet earth to evolve and learn. The measure of its progress is its ability to follow the messages of spirit rather than those of the body. The soul wants to follow the path of life which is evolutionary and it is a continual challenge to channel the body with its many appetites to follow the path of evolution rather than that of ephemeral pleasures. An example of this is the sacrifice of superficial pleasures and superficial activities for daily spiritual practice.

Those who want optimal health must renounce the pleasures of the table. Sugar, alcohol, and refined foods are conducive to disease. This is an easy example to understand: that sacrificing the pleasures of the table leads to a positive evolution of one’s health. Eating for nourishment rather than for pleasure.

As I have explained and abundantly illustrated in my volume THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE, one of the ways we can recognize what is true, real, truth, is that it will be repeated countless times in life in different ways. One could find hundreds of examples similar to the one about food that has just been given. It is necessary to sacrifice oneself to surpass oneself. This is an important reality to understand for anyone who wants to walk the path of spiritual evolution.

It is much easier to do this when accompanied… Man must not live alone. The isolation that the technocratic society seeks to implement in society to weaken its human flock is not favourable to evolution. This is why we have chosen to teach shamanism and to perform ceremonies with all those who wish to do so. In the past, this only had meaning within a natural community in a preserved ecosystem. Today, there is an open war against the very foundations of what defines humanity. Thus, we must adapt.

The realities and truths of spirit are eternal. Light always triumphs over darkness. We will return to the earth, to nature, to our communities, we will free ourselves from technocratic societies. This is my commitment and my sacrifice. I have suffered many persecutions from those black entities that try to oppress humanity. Even within my family, my willingness to speak the truth and live by eternal principles has caused me to be rejected and despised. But, in return, the Creator has filled me with immense reserves of wisdom and teachings.

I am willing to sacrifice my relative safety to continue to bring you the many teachings I have been entrusted with. I will share the eternal wisdom and ancient methods of human development that have proven themselves for millennia.

We need committed people to organize the face-to-face teachings.

We need people who will sacrifice some time for our charity work for wisdom elders who need care and help to be able to share the teachings and natural methods.  We are accompanying many of them who still have much to share but cannot afford basic supplements to maintain their health. We will soon talk about this here.

As we come to the end of this era, as we move from a cycle of darkness and war into a world filled with light, it is important that lightbearers, conscious beings, tradition holders, healers and therapists can unite and work together to heal our humanity and our planet.

Peace, Joy and Love to all.

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