Dear Friends,

Many changes and good and difficult news in this fall season. The colours are still on the trees, but the strong winds last night blew away high leaves. I had a nice crop of Jerusalem artichokes, really little work, about 2 hours in the whole year including harvesting for an amount I will save and give to all my relatives, as I have much more than I can eat. I didn’t plant much this summer, but the perennials continue to produce and I continue to tend them. The apples especially have made several families happy. Next year I will be able to take better care of the vegetable garden.

Les Topinambours en fleurs September Jerusalem Artichokes in flower.
octobre harvest récolte








Yesterday, our Steeve, a Huron Wendat who has been working at Invocation for many years, arrived at work out of breath and sat outside near the front door of the production. He then quietly left for the next world. His family and the whole company are in mourning. We are going to do the traditional shamanic ceremony for the deceased today and the flame will burn for 49 days. I saw him yesterday on my way home from work, his soul is serene and finally free of this body that gave him trouble these last years. It’s those who remain, his brother, his daughter, his son and the whole team at Invocation who loved him very much who must deal with the suddenness of his departure and the mourning. He had an important position and unique skills. Another challenge now for Invocation is to find the person who will add his potential and humanity to our production team. In the meantime, the in-house people will take over.

As I said I was going to resume some of my activities, the phone has started ringing again and I am doing some coaching at home and online to answer the requests of those who want a spiritual healing consultation. I don’t have the help that would allow me to resume my other activities, but it is coming. For now, a comment at the end of the article, as comments are moderated, will remain confidential if it is a request for help. The traditional protocol for accepting or not will then be sent to you.

The world is changing right now. Late last night I saw in the sky that the days of the ultimate change that will purify the earth is coming. Our family domains, our gardens, our lands, our families, our friends and the community of conscious people are uniting in a common prayer of joy and hope that the earth and nature may once again bloom and flourish in harmony between humans and the plant, animal, mineral kingdoms and the elements. We are privileged to be able to witness this transformation.

I wish you all,

Joy, Peace and Love

Luke Blue Eagle


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