Hello Blue Eagle,

How are you doing?

Mom gave me a message of love from my “spiritual parents” according to what she felt/heard.

Since then  We have been wondering what the words spiritual parents means?

Do you have the answer?

See you soon,


This is a question from a good friend. I have cared for every member of his immediate family. Connections are important. Here is my answer…. I thought I would share it with you to offer courage in these days of unnecessary violence.

We have been wondering what the words spiritual parents means?

Spiritual parents are your soul family, members whom you meet between each incarnation and also very often during incarnations. The beloved among others, very often they are together. Your grandparents and others have links with the soul family to which you belong together. This family is together all the time because never all the soul leaves completely the celestial home to go to earth. So, in different percentages, even during incarnation, all of you are there. Sometimes it is directly your soul that speaks to you and is perceived as an ancestor, because it is indeed your ancestor. Your soul created you  to attend once again the school of planet-earth, one of the most difficult schools in the galaxy. If you call for his or her voice  and be quiet and still and peaceful, and breath, then you will hear their guidance. Clear perception will purify the mind and calm the heart. Décisions will be made with confidence and will bring results, if not always what you expected and wished for. It is all in perfect harmony.

Our path is eternal so there is no need to worry.  Only that special and important need in these times to listen and honor the wisdom that is passed on.

With love

Blue Eagle


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