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Since there is a time for everything, and a place for everyone, and since we don’t, fortunately, have the same characteristics and functions, I would request you write to us about the role and function of the hermit.   You often emphasize community and the contribution of each individual, but it seems to me that you spent 3 years in hermit mode before returning to this world and that your inspiration, and your muse Anastasia, is she not a hermit of sorts?

Looking forward to reading you, Matthew

“The man who does not appreciate his solitude has nothing to share. ” (Sentence from the spiritual teacher Daniel Zekkoute). Solitude and isolation in nature are necessary and essential in the life of all human beings, especially today. I have been blessed to do retreats and vision quests alone in the forest. I also have a solitary nature, I love to be alone and I live as my love says, like a gruff bear. I have no manners, I say things bluntly and directly, with no white gloves when it comes to telling the truth. I like to burp and let out huge farts to see how well-born people who have grown up in the customs of European societies react. It amuses me. It comes from an unconditioned mind, which understands in the absolute what is really important and enjoys the energy and vitality that comes from humor and a big belly laugh. But beware, if you have a social life to which you are attached this kind of behavior is relationship suicide. I can afford it, because I am a hermit and I like solitude. Superficial relationships are quickly eliminated from my social environment and only those who can see beyond appearances can endure my unorthodox ways.

The animals, plants, and elements always do what they have been told to do by Great Spirit. The First Nations call this the original instructions. The only one who has free will, the ability to go against the universal laws, against his original instructions, is Man. Human beings have been conditioned and programed by malicious intentions of domination, enslaving them to lies and an artificial life style for the past 12,000 years. We are in an accelerated process of destroying the ecosystems that give life. We are damaging the world that sustains us at an incredible rate. This is not respect for universal laws, it’s not our original instructions, but the conditionings and programming of this technocratic society in which we live. When we are alone in nature for several days, the truth of the world starts to rub off on us. This is because nature and all the beings that live in it always respect their original instructions, what I also call the universal laws. Everything around us is true! After a while surrounded by truth and the reality of the world, the absurdities of our civilized way of life become apparent and we begin to think like real human beings. You don’t have to be a believer to understand that there are essential truths that concern all beings and are the basis of life. To see them, to understand them, is a responsibility for all human beings. We have free will, it is thus our mission to understand the truth and to manifest it in the world. And at present, only solitude in nature can bring us closer to this understanding, as the world of men that surrounds us is completely programed and conditioned with lies that lead us every day at great speed towards the destruction of our ecosphere.

Also, living in solitude, living as a hermit does not prevent communion with the world. Indeed, Anastasia lives as a recluse. When she was very young, the only human beings she saw were her grandfather and great-grandfather, and even then she didn’t see them every day. She had more daily contact with animals than with humans. She lives alone in the Siberian taiga with her two children. Her grandfather lives nearby, but that’s it, there’s no one else for miles around. And yet there is no human being who has done more for the future of humanity and the earth than this woman. She understands with astonishing accuracy the current state of the world, the reasons why we have reached this point and the solutions to the problems we face. This illustrates the importance of solitude and reflection in nature. I remember reading in Chinese sacred texts, by the founder of Taoism, Lao Tzu, in the Tao Te King, that the hermit in solitude influences the world of the living more than the great kings. I confess to seeing the reality of this, for what a man can visualize and energize in his thoughts inevitably one day takes place in the world. But only the power of thought attuned to the universal laws and a powerful and continuous projection of such thoughts can lead to such results. Thus, the role of the hermit is very important.

The hermit is the one who seeks truth in a simple life in nature. This is essential and each of us must experience it for at least a few days to begin to find the truth and clarity of mind.

Peace and Light

Blue Eagle



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